Robo Vacs FTW

I’ve had the use of an LG RoboKing vac bot for a while and I’ve grown somewhat fond of it. It’s owner has called in the loan now though, so I’m looking to buy one. Guessing there will be more than a few owners here.

I have looked on The Wirecutter, but as usual, none of what they recommend is available here. What are people using and what would you recommend? Related question: are they loud?

We had a Samsung PowerBot. It worked well.

Samsung online support was poor. I tried to source the optional boundary markers, but Samsung never replied to my requests.

A sensor failed after about 3 years service. The cost to replace it was over $300, half of what we paid for the unit. We decided the cost was not worth it.

It was quiet in use.

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Thanks for the report.

And that reflects every experience I’ve ever had with Samsung, unfortunately.

We were given a LG Roboking. It works pretty well, though gets a little confused in tight spots. Sometimes it gets stuck under the rungs on chair legs. Pretty good for open spaces, Really they are just vacuum assisted carpet sweepers. Not noisy. We have restricted it to one large room where it is best suited. It saves me carrying the old vac downstairs. It requires a large free wall space for placing the docking unit, though it seems to be able to cope with more restrictive locations. Just pressing the go button and walking away to do something else is the advantage of a robot cleaner.

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Had a Roborock s5 since 2018. Love it, it hardly ever gets stuck and has really good suction power. They are more expensive now than when I bought it but now have newer models.

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