School changing to Chromebook - bye bye kids


For a fair few years now my kids’ primary school have used iPads from grade 3-6.

We’ve just received notification that from next year they are changing to Chromebook.

My oldest is already a PC kid… Can’t see the others growing up Apple/Mac with this new development.

Now what to do with the 2 new iPads in the cupboard…



That’s a pity. However, like I have said before, my daughter’s experiences with Windows Laptops at school turned her into a confirmed Mac head! She has more (current) Apple stuff than I do now!

BTY, how old are you iPads?

I’d also like to know.

The kids have a 5th and 6th Generation iPad.

Bugger, too old for me :frowning:

lol - Well, the plan was that the 2 younger kids get new iPads… then their current iPads go to our oldest son (who has broken 2 to date), and us parents… 4 iPads between 5 people… no spares, sorry.

The school is not forcing the older kids to change to ChromeB’s - just the 3/4 graders. (So the grade 5/6 kids don’t need to change to something new, that then wont be used in high school.)

As such the plan now is - the wife and I will start using 1 of the new iPads ourselves… give the other to the middle kid for Xmas so he can upgrade from his 6th gen… youngest will get a Chromebook for Xmas, and probably pass the 6th gen to him, and the oldest can have the 5th gen which he’ll probably break sooner or later. Don’t feel bad for him though, he’s getting a new laptop that better get him through Yr11, 12, and into Uni.

So - still no spares. :slight_smile:

As for being pushed to Mac by bad experiences on PC… at this point, the games on PC are too alluring… at least for the 15yo.

School holidays… working from home yesterday… 8 and 10 yo’s building lego… ask me to come look at what they’ve made.

It’s a shop, dad. Look, there’s a security camera at the front door, and inside there’s gaming PC’s.

Oh - no Macs?

No dad - it’s a gaming PC shop. They sell PCs, not Macs.

That’s a worry…

There’s been talk that Apple might reintroduce an entry-level MacBook (yet again), but for a line that they have introduced, retired, introduced again, retired again, I don’t know why they would continue to repeat history. If they were developing SafariOS to rival ChromeOS and making it purely browser/web-based, then perhaps that might compete with ChromeBooks.