SCSI Connection

Hi Everyone. Anyone know of a reliable way to connect a SCSI device to a modern Mac? I’m sort of clutching at straws here really…

There were adapters from SCSI to USB. Not sure if they would work with modern MacOS (i.e. driver support).
They can be found on eBay but are ridiculously expensive.
(RATOC SYSTEMS U2SCX/U2SCXU USB 2.0 to Ultra SCSI Adapter. | eBay)

If its just a drive you are wanting to connect to get some data off it, you would be better off buying an old G3 or G4 tower and a SCSI card to go with it.
SCSI cards are fairly cheap (~$30-40). They can also be found on eBay.
(Vintage Mac Parts: Used PCIe Adaptec AHA-2930CU MAC SCSI Card | eBay).

And old G3 or G4 towers should be able to be found pretty dirt cheap. Even the MDD G4 has PCI slots.
Then install up to 10.5.x and connect your device.

It will really just come down to how much effort you want to put into obtaining it.

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