Se2020 no longer receiving sms

My iMessage and SMS seems to be broken on my iPhone SE 2020. It was all working perfectly well until mid December, the 19th being the last day I was able to receive any texts from non-iphone users. I just cannot work it out. I thought at first it must be to do with my provider (Woolies) but when I switched the SIM to another iPhone, there was no issue.

I can’t think what else to do. Carrier settings are up to date, iOS is on 14.3 BUT now I can’t use my mobile number for iMessage either. Lord knows how long thats been happening, but my number is refusing to register/activate on the SE. It just sits and spins…

Can anyone point me at something I have missed, or something else I can do, before I revert to my old but still functioning iPhone7?


Try resetting the network settings, if that doesn’t work then do a full phone reset.

I reset network, and will do full phone reset later. Just needed to get the sim into a known working phone. I dont think i was meant to have that SE. Once its fixed by me or by Apple its going to be sold. I can live with the 7.

That’s a bugger! Probably unrelated, but iCloud has had a number of outages over the last week. I haven’t noticed anything myself, but I’ve been reading about it.

Yeah I even tried logging out of icloud then back in again which fixed the issues I had when I was switching sims about to test the whole thing… didnt help. Nor did any resets, or even a full restore. I’ll make a genius appointment for next week. Might even see about trading up to a 12 mini. Need to do sums first.

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Oh I can be such a drongo. Whilst not ideal, the full restore appears to have worked :slight_smile: no Geniuses required :slight_smile: I am still going to sell, though, I want a 12 of the mini kind.

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