Seeking Office Chair Recommendations

I need to get a new office (computer desk) chair. The one I have was a good chair when I got it but it’s 25 years old now! I need a new one. My back is pretty shagged so looking for a good quality one that will last. Willing to pay for a quality one.

I spent $1250 on an Aeron 15 years ago. Great value as it’s still in amazing shape and totally fixed my chair issues. I’m quite tall so a chair that came in three sizes appealed to me. Worth every cent.

P.S. I’ve seen them on Facebook / Gumtree. That’d be the way to buy but make sure you get right size.

Thanks. I’ll have a look…

I have a couple of Ergoform office chairs. They are sold by multiple different places. Well padded, good size, good back support, lots of adjustability. I needed something better for my back as well and these have been very good.

Couple of links I found with a quick google so you know what I am referring too.

I had wanted the Aeron forever and finally relented during COVID and spent the eye watering $2,200 for a new one from Living Edge. Sadly they seem to now be more like $2,800 which is even crazier. They do have a 12 year, 24/7 use warranty (basically for use in a call centre like environment). Yes you can get them second hand, typically about 10 years old following office refreshes unless you get lucky.

I love mine, it’s awesome and causes me to hate the cheap(er) ‘rubbish’ we have in the office :stuck_out_tongue: Probably something like the Ergoform chairs which meet all AFRDI standards and would be just fine. Kind of like buying Apple Products… are they really worth the premium?? well we are here :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I can’t see myself paying $2,800 for a chair. Maybe if it had magic healing properties or something!

I picked up a used Aeron chair for ~$400-500 around 6-7 years ago. Highly recommend if you can find one for a good price.

Use it every day (changed the wheels to roller blade style this week), super comfy. Has the posture fit.

Only regret is that I got one without arm rests, which I have not yet found to add (they are $$$ and am yet to find some pre-loved available in Oz).

Whilst looking for arm rests, I have seen used chairs listed anywhere form $800-1300 :cry:

I’ve got an Integra Type R Recaro on a roller base. If it’s good enough for race car, it’s good enough for office work. …I should say this is still in the range of $700, even used.

The seat is easily $1200 each. I managed to snag a used pair for about $600, and they were in my old car for a few years. But, I mean… Recaro.


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Now, that’s a thought…

Just made an offer on eBay for $900 for an Aeron chair. I had set up a saved search. I have to say I wasn’t hopeful and this was a bit of a surprise. Pickup is in an adjoining suburb so that’s easy. Just waiting on the sellers reply

Offer was accepted. I pick it up tomorrow.