Siri remote loses BT connecting/working intermittenetly

Anyone had issues with their Siri remote?

Mine is intermittently not working. Started a few data ago. I’ve had it ~4-5 years, with an AppleTV 4/HD.

Seems the battery is not holding enough charge for bluetooth?? If I plug it in it works, and it works for a short period (an hour or so/less) after charging for hours. It remains working via IR (i.e. TV volume).

Sometimes after sitting for a hour or so it will work again (bluetooth), then stop.

Anyone had a similar experience? A fix?

Maybe time to replace it? Mine is still fine (Same aTV model) but because I could never use it effectively, I went back to the old remote from my 3rd gen aTV. And that, of course, has a replaceable battery.

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Have you checked that the remote’s battery is charging to 100%. A little fluff in the lightning port can prevent it charging. That happened to my iPhone a few years ago.

From memory, you can check the level of charge within the AppleTV Settings.

Must be a bluetooth issue. Has 98% charge, and whilst plugged in ‘connection lost’ message came up 10 seconds after it connected. I pressed another button and connection was lost almost instantaneously…

As for a new one, am waiting to see about announcements this week. For me ~$90 for a remote is excessive, and might have to get one of the cheaper alternatives (which I will use alongside phone/watch apps).

[in seeking to double check the remote price, I noted the apple store is down (assume due to ‘Spring Loaded’ event, though tat is 6 hours away)].

Interesting my ATV4 remotes have always done that sort of thing with the disconnected/connected messages and while it’s mostly always ‘worked’ the touch pad gets all squirrelly and doesn’t want to work.

I’ve had all sort of theories of cold hands not working on the track pad? Or low battery? or old battery?

Re-sycning the remote seems to fix it for a bit:

While I quite like the touch Siri remote, I’m interested in what the new one announced today is like. If it really is a remote problem (and your issues does sound a little different to mine), that new ATV is probably the go although it’s going to set you back $249.

Thanks. Will try this (can’t recall if I have already or not).

Only a few weeks to ate until the new Siri remote is available;bale to order/purchase.

$79, but yeah, not cheap. Do you know anyone else that has an Apple TV? Maybe you could swap siri remotes for a day or two then report back to each other.