Suggest me a printer

How are you all?

From your experience or someone you know, could you suggest a printer for me snd my family please?

  1. Apple iOS, MacOS compatible
  2. Easy wireless printing so every member with iPhone, iPad, MacBook or iMac can print to it.
  3. Separate ink cartridges for colours and black
  4. Multifunction printer/scanner preferably

Appreciate y’all :slight_smile:

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I’ve been very happy with an Epson EPSON Ecotank 2550 which we’ve had for the last 4 years - the ink tanks last forever, and its so much cheaper than cartridges! Though the low end models now are missing AirPrint unfortunately, so you need the $499 version ( Epson Expression ET-2720), but the fact it comes with a ink included that has a yield of 3,600 Black & 6,500 Colour pages I personally think its worth it!

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I went through this for the folks recently.
Wirecutter suggested HP 9010e so that’s what I suggested.

It was easy for them to set up themselves (app based setup), and meets your 4 criteria.

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And for true democrazy…

I just recently purchased a Canon TS5060. It’s wireless, 5 cartridge system. Pretty easy to use, multi function. Though - I was surprised when I got it out of the box and found there was no paper tray - just uses an “open” tray feed at the back.

To supplement this, I also purchased a Brother mono laser - HL-L2305W.

So far this is working out pretty well - do all the b&w stuff fast and tidy on the Brother, and colour on the Canon.

I am however now also on the hunt for a printer for my parents. Their 7 year old Brother printer is dying, so along with a new M1 iMac, my dad is wanting a new printer. Will need to be simplistic…

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I have a Brother colour laser MFC, bought it 4-5 years ago. Can’t fault it.

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I use an HP Photosmart 7520 colour inkjet printer/scanner/copier. I have only had two paper handling faults since 2013. The hardware has been excellent.

It has worked really well as an AirPrint printer from iPad’s and iPhones.

However, the HP software for the Mac has not been good. I use Apple’s Image Capture app rather than the HP apps. The latter proved unreliable in communicating with the scanner. I have tried various versions at different times. They work well for a while, then fault.

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Also Brother MFC colour laser.
Best price is from Officeworks.

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Another +1 for Brother Colour Laser MFC

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Cheers everyone. Any particular model number for the Brother?

Well, they change all the time, & Officeworks have their number.
In my case its MFC - L3750CDW

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Mine is a couple years old. MFC 9330 CDW.
However I only just replaced the black toner for the first time a couple weeks ago. One of the benefits of laser printers.

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MFC-9335CDW, which is identical to the 9330 except that the 9335 is a model number exclusive to Officeworks, so that they don’t have to price match on it

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Hate when they have 50 similar model numbers for almost the same thing. When I was picking up my Brother mono laser, I thought I saw the same model at Big W for $15 cheaper, so picked it up. On the drive home, I was at a traffic light, box next to me… looking at the features… looking… features… No WiFi! Damnit! Turned round… got a refund and went to Officeworks.

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What’s your budget brother?

Ok I’m now in the market for a new printer:

Multifunction - can scan and photocopy
Ideally also can print photo quality

Any recommendations?

I got a Canon TS5060. Meets all of those things. My only gripe is no paper tray - just the feed at the back… but otherwise - it was I think about $75.

I use a Brother MFC 9330 CDW. Covers all those aspects except photo quality.
It is a laser printer and is more expensive than your regular ink jet, but you get the more economical cartridges in the long run.

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I have the same printer (well, the 9335 which is the Officeworks-specific model number so they don’t have to price match, same thing other than the 5) and even though it’s not photo quality, it’s pretty good really. Close enough for jazz in this house, I’ll farm out my prints if I need better quality.

I again suggest Epson Ecotank printers. They are fantastic!

Agree the Epson Ecotank printers look amazing!

Update: I ordered the Epson Ecotank Photo ET-8500.

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