TPG/iiNet etc email service ending, again


So, for those not using iiNet or its parent / affiliates… “D-Day” for the end of their free email service came and went, and my emails continued to flow, despite not having opted in to the transfer to the 3rd party email provider that they suggested we choose to use in order to keep the iinet email address.

Then, on 19/12/23 iiNet issued a new email to each of my email addresses:

iiNet has made the decision to stop providing email services in 2023. This change will help us focus on creating better experiences for our core products: internet and mobile.

You can opt-in to transfer your iiNet email address to another Australian email provider, The Messaging Company. The Messaging Company will become your email provider and most importantly, you will not lose any emails, contacts or calendar events as part of the transfer.

To keep using your email address, you’ll need to opt-in to transferring to The Messaging Company by 30/01/2024, otherwise your email address may be suspended.

I love the way the email is written as if it was the first mention of this change of service, presumably to save face - rather than saying “Uh so, you know how we said we were cutting your email off, well…”

I haven’t bothered checking out what the rumours are over on Whirlpool about this (there were very big threads of unhappy people over there), but my best guess is that not enough people had actually opted-in to the change over to “The Messaging Company”, and as such they decided to extend their own deadline and try to push some more people over, rather than sticking to the deadline, and ending up with tens of thousands of pissed off confused customers.

As it stands, it’s good for me because I had been a bit lax about updating all of my contacts, so I’ll make use of the extra month, and then seriously look at moving ISP.



+1 for Aussie Broadband.

And +10 for splitting your providers for services; ie: internet from these guys, email from someone else.

It’s nite to bundle things together, but only if you have portability of them - say not using an ISP’s domain for your email.

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And never again use an ISP/RSP for your email.