Trading on AppleTalk

Hi Everyone.

Is there any buying and selling going on here these days? Is it even allowed?

I remember back in the MacTalk days, there was a thriving market place which I used a lot.

I am parting out one of my 2010 Mac Pro’s now that I have my M1 Mac mini. Most of what I have to sell isn’t worth enough to bother putting on ebay & I thought there would be more likely hood of someone on here interested in it.

Anyway, let me know.


Trading is allowed on AppleTalk, and has been since at least 2015.

To discourage those who simply sign up to trade, we restrict access to those who are active members, which currently means meeting certain requirements, as outlined here.

Ok, fair enough.

How do I know if I qualify?

I don’t come on here anywhere near as often as I did on MacTalk…

If you meet the requirements you’ll see the buy/sell forum. If not, you won’t.

In terms of knowing how close you are to meeting the requirements… you should be able to determine it from your profile page.

Well looks like it’ll be given away or going in the cupboard then…


Glancing over your stats, it seems like you’re just one like (given, not received) away from having access…

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