Watch Series 5 dying battery

Its still doing what I need it to and I cannot afford to upgrade, but the battery is not as good as it used to be. Is there a battery replacement service? Either Apple or Third Party?

I posted separately about my Series 3 and battery life.

It seems that turning on Airplane mode/turning off wifi works well to reduce battery life when away from my Phone.

Same for the phone, if you dont have reception it will drain your battery like no tomorrow trying to connect to something! So if you’re walking in the bush, turn on aeroplane mode.

Or, there is the DIY route.

Not for me. More complex than I am prepared to take on. Making do for now, new watch later

Following that link I see its only ~$120 to replace a battery. That seems fairly reasonable.

I thought so, but i reckon I can make do for a few months until I can afford a new (refurb) watch. I’ll likely get an 8 unless the 9 has some startling new thing I can’t live without.

I may get the battery replaced after I replace the watch, and have it as a spare. or sell it on.