What is the best way to access AppleTalk

I have been enjoying AppleTalk for yonks, but I have never really thought about the best way to access it.

I currently use Safari via an AppleTalk icon on the home screen of my iPad and my iPhone. There is a choice of desktop view and mobile view. I use desktop view.

Is there a relevant App yet?

Is another browser better?

Safari on my iMac

If you access a few Discourse-based forums, then the Discourse Hub iOS app is the way to go, at least on mobile.

Otherwise, one of the great things about Discourse is that it works equally well on your phone, or from a computer — which method you use is personal preference, and there’s very few differences between the two.

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I’ve always just found it excellent on safari (desktop and mobile) so never looked for any other way! :man_shrugging:


Thanks for the answers. I was hoping there is an alternative to mobile safari that avoids or overcomes two issues:

  1. When I follow a link in a post, there is no way back to the post. I have to reopen AppleTalk to continue

  2. When I return from a post, the Latest category spends time refreshing. This is annoying when on a slow connection

  1. You mean the link you click on from ATAU opens up in the actual Mobile Safari browser instead of the AppleTalk icon that you’ve created? And you can’t use the swipe-to-go-back gesture or use the <ATAU link that you should get in the top left corner of your screen?

  2. This is unavoidable, but I wouldn’t have thought this to be too much of a problem unless you’re on dialup or something?

Thanks for your interest Benny. Your clinical queries were very useful.

  1. My home screen icon opens AppleTalk in an unusual window that has no header, search field, forward or back buttons or tabs button. So I never get to see the <ATAU link at the top left of the screen. After reading your comments, I wanted to see whether the issue is reproducible, so I recreated the icon on my home screen from Safari. This icon opens a Safari window that includes the missing objects, solving my dilemma. I have no idea how the original troublesome link was created.

  2. I sometimes suffer a slow response on the train. I assume this is due to poor reception and contention for the limited bandwidth. I will just have to live with it.