What TV shows are you watching?

Its being roundly panned in Whirlpool forums. There are two trailers available but I don’t see how anyone can say its going to be bad, based on that … I will need to see an entire season before I decide.

In the meantime I started watching Jack Reacher (series) on PrimeVideo last night… 2 eps in and I still can’t decide. Looks like the whole season is based on “The Killing Floor” which I have, but have not read yet.

The books are so great, I’m too afraid to watch the series because of my high expectations. The movies were not good.

You might be right. I find the lead to be far too deadpan… like he is completely dead on the inside. That may be a Reacher feature, I don’t know… but it leaves me thinking he lacks any emotional connection to people. Screams sociopathy at me, and I don’t much like that. Of course, maybe the guy is just a lousy actor.

Mr Inbetween - Binge.

Got Apple TV+ with the new iPhone, so had a look at it the other week… watched part of Foundation’s first episode… but… didn’t get to the end… Interested to watch the “What if the Space Race Continued” series… but - it’s all matter of finding time these days.

I’ve just watched the whole 6 series of Line Of Duty. I believe they are making a 7th.

Not sure what I’m going to watch now…

I’ve been a Star Trek fan for over 50 years and I’ve watched all of the series but the latest one Star Trek - Strange New Worlds might just be the best series ever. And unlike most recent series it doesn’t have an over reaching story arc which requires you to watch each and every episode to keep up with what’s happening.

The characters are convincing, relateable and the weekly stories have varied between good and wow.



Ahh, For All Mankind.

Dude, it. Is. So. Worth. It.

New season starts dropping this Friday.

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:slight_smile: I watched the opening of the first episode… Got to the “punch line” and thought - yep, this could be great!

Love Strange New Worlds. Star Trek that feels like Star Trek!

We’ve been watching Stranger Things, Wheel of Time and The Boys. But you have to have the stomach to watch The Boys!

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Interesting comment RE Strange New Worlds… Haven’t watched yet. I’ve been watching Discovery and Picard, and… hear a lot of criticism about how they are pissing all over the legacy of the show. I “can see” how people could feel this way… but also when my 14yo says to me - I’d rather watch Discovery than TNG… I’m thinking that you also have to move with the times…

I have watched Discovery and Picard and I enjoyed Discovery quite a bit, it’s definitely ‘real Star Trek’ and whilst it expands upon Canon it doesn’t break it.

Picard I struggled more with… some episodes were ok and a few were even good.

But the finale… the ending of the last episode? It just doesn’t work for me.

That’s all I’ll say because ‘spoilers’…

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My family just watched Man vs Bee

Basically - not-quite-Mr-Bean-as-an-old-man, getting into similar kinds of mayhem… cos… y’know… Atkinson is old now…

Wouldn’t say it was groundbreaking… Still funny enough, especially if you like his style of humour.


If you are a fan of the E-Type Jag, prepare to cry.

I’ve watched all three. I’m a Patrick Stewart fan so thats a given. I like Strange New Worlds, but am not yet a fan. Discovery I like just because its different.

I’ve also been watching The Orville on SBS, and Foundation on AppleTV+ (Just resubbed, for For All Mankind and found a few other things to see as well. There’s a show called Invasion which is so bloody slow but which has hooked me in)

I stopped watching and might have to revisit that one.

Enjoying for all mankind. Unrelated, have almost finished watching Counterpart, which i have found quite good too.

Currently watching Severance. Its bizarre.

I’ve been really enjoying Strange New Worlds and I thought Discovery was good.

Sex Death & Robots was pretty interesting, but very weird and some of the episodes veered a bit too much into horror for my taste. Very interesting concept though.

I have tried to love The Orville, but gave up on Season 1 after 5 eps or so. It all just seems a bit stilted or something. I might have a go at Season 2 at some point. Given how much people rave about it, I can only assume it gets better.

Yeah, it really is. I’m thinking about resubscribing to Apple TV+ just for the new season. Such a good premise. And the way they weave things that did happen in with things that might’ve happened is brilliant.

My new secret pleasure is watching engineering/infrastructure vids on YT though. Absolutely fascinating.

See my YouTube addiction is what’s making me think, maybe, I should get Youtube Premium… because my goodness the ads have just doubled in quantity recently…

Also, Making a Murderer (on Netflix) has had me watching more of the screen over the last week or so.

I hate YT ads that much, I only watch it on Freetube.

I’ve been using the custom hosts file from here for some years now. I never see ads. It’s very easy to do and the only downside is that it only works on the computer on which it is installed, so if you watch a lot of content on an iPad or phone you will still see ads. There is a way of solving that using a Raspberry Pi I believe, but I can’t remember the details.