What TV shows are you watching?

Some good shows out recently.

I’ve been watching:

The Wheel of Time - Amazon

Invasion - Apple

Foundation - Apple

Cowboy Bebop - Netflix

Only Murders in the Building - Disney

Y the Last Man - Binge


Wheel of Time, catching up on CSI (on Paramount+), and as annoyed as hell that Paramount+ has taken Discovery back from Netflix but won’t be showing it here until next year.

Also, Total Control on ABC

Right Now I’m Watching
Lost In Space
Jack Ryan

I know, started a whole thread, but - I’m watching Doctor Who; current season is only 6 episodes due to COVID, and is Jodie’s final season (followed by 2 more “specials” in 2022). I’ve not enjoyed the Chibnall/Whitaker era - until now. Of the 4 episodes so far, they’ve all been solid 7-8 out of 10. If only Chibnall had written like this from Day 1…

Am also giving Netflix back some of the $0.5b they paid for Seinfeld. Haven’t really watched the show since it was “live”. Interesting watching it now, a bit older and seeing it from a more mature perspective, especially knowing that the idea behind the finale was to “bring them to justice” for their not great way of life.

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Elementary on Amazon.

Hanging out for an excuse to watch the new season of Bluey with the kids.

Watched The Dig last night. then more CSI

Sorry I thought there was an existing thread but I searched and couldn’t find it. Benny can merge this info that one.

:slight_smile: no, a Doctor Who thread :slight_smile:

Full recommendations for:

  • For All Mankind (Apple TV+)
  • Trying (Apple TV+)
  • Morning Wars (Apple TV+)
  • Brooklyn 99 (Netflix)
  • Stranger Things (Netflix)

Currently rolling my way through:

  • Superstore (Netflix)
  • Drive to Survive (Netflix)
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I’ve recently watched Ted Lasso and have to say, it’s the feel-good TV series I didn’t know I needed. I love it.

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Ted Lasso is awesome.

I’m right now enjoying Witcher season 2 - what a great series.


I was talking to a guy at work, who was really the reason I started watching it - he’s not a sport person and absolutely loved it. You kinda want to hate Ted but he’s so damn nice you can’t!

By the way, for those of you who like sci-fi short films, and a fan of Netflix’s Black Mirror series, I recommend the Dust channel on YouTube. They have a ton of sci-fi short films, that are really really good.

Looks excellent. I’ll watch some later today :slight_smile:

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Watched an episode of The Famous Five last night on YouTube with the kids… 1978 version… :slight_smile: Can’t believe they let me keep it on.


I had a couple of the VHS tapes of that as a kid.

As for watching… hopefully Futurama again soon :smiley:

I’m looking forward to the new Lord of the Rings series on Amazon…

But but but - not without biting my shiny metal b-

No DiMaggio…?!

OOOOH!! I havent been keeping abreast of Amazon stuff pretty much since I scored a year of Paramount+ for $6 (next year its $89)… so I’m doing catchup on everything I missed on FTA because I hate ads. LoTR is something that wil grab me :slight_smile:

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Just learned about LotR via a Superbowl ad story on the ABC. Sounds interesting, though being set so long before the existing stories, it’ll need to establish some good characters fast. Could see interest waning without familiar ‘faces’.

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