Whats happened to the the daily news?

Anyone know when the Daily News is to return ?


Purposely didn’t post to the forums to see if anyone would notice. You’re number two :slight_smile:


Thanks Benny, I had noticed but thought you were overseas or whatever. I do check every day but did not think to post a note to Apple Talk

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I noticed, but assumed there would be some reason??. Have to admit that I dont use twitter :blush:

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Holidays or death. Generally the only two reasons there won’t be news.

Occasionally, also being late for work.

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I’ve noticed every single morning when I get to work, Benny :smiley:


I saw Benny’s tweet about it. I was outraged that he would not be providing me with free, informative and entertaining updates about a subject matter of great interest to me for a week. Outraged I say.


I’m taking some personal leave to attend the funeral of a family member in Malaysia, so there won’t be any news Friday 7/6, or the entirety of next week.

(I’m OK, wasn’t really close to the one that passed, but still kind of have to be there.)

I’m leaving the forums in the capable hands of @tcn33, and in the meantime, any bits of news that you find interesting can be made into a topic for further discussion.

Be excellent to each other, and I’ll catch y’all in about a week.


Take care and have a safe journey!