Where to buy a new Mac?

Hello. I’ve always bought my Macs from the Apple store and am about to buy a new Mac Mini. I’ve noticed some other retailers have discounted prices. Any reason why I shouldn’t buy from them (JB JiFi is one example)? A saving of $200 is not to be sneezed at - or is it?


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Same warranty etc… why give your money directly to Apple?

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just double check that what JB is selling is the same generation as what Apple are selling. I can’t think of any other reasons to buy direct other than the 14 day return policy really. Good luck with your new Mac which ever way you end up buying it!

Cheers, Glen


Biggest discount you will generally get anywhere is about 10%. Which is still decent.

Main thing to note with JB Hifi is that their sales are generally for default configs. They rarely offer it in BTO (Build to order) options.
If you are happy with one of the default specs, might as well go to JB or others. If you want a BTO option such as more RAM, Storage, etc, you may be hard pressed to find one discounted.


Thanks for the replies. This morning two stores were offering the Mac Mini M2 Pro base model for ~$1790. Now both have it for ~$1990. So my potential saving has disappeared…

ALWAYS ask for a discount at JB. Literally always. They’ll offer you a better price. Might not be a lot better for Apple stuff, but prob at least 5% off assuming there’s no existing discount.

Other thing to try is playing stores off each other, assuming you have a few local options. Ask for their best price, and for them to write it down. Take that to the next store… repeat.

As has been mentioned, double check the model number. Don’t take anyone’s word for what they are selling you, view the mode number for yourself or if online, check the mode number there. Go to a site like everymac.com to get model numbers.