WiFi Modem/Router Recommendations

Hi Everyone. I need to update my Router. Does anyone have any recommendations? I have been looking at the TP-Link Archer AX6000…

I have been looking at some of the new WIFI 7 routers being released. Overkill for most cases. But I do like how many are finally coming out with multi-gig and 10gbe capabilities.
Been eyeing the Netgear RS700S myself. Just tossing up how I could fit it into my current network layout. A couple of 10gbe ports is great though, just wish the remaining ports were at least 2.5gb.

Recommend you check out Dong Knows. Has lots of useful router reviews as well as roundups for different categories. https://dongknows.com/

Thanks. I’ll have a look.

Whats up with your current router? And what are your needs?

An all in one (like the TP-Link Archer AX6000) is nice and simple and if the router location and amount of coverage it provides works for you, great!

An alternative option is to (complicate things) with multiple devices including dedicated Wireless Access Points. This would give you greater flexibility in the future to just upgrade the bit you need to upgrade.

Eg, if the current router it working fine as a router but you wanted better wifi coverage you could add something like a Unifi Access point (or two). A cheap 2.5G switch could add in some faster ports for those select devices that could make use of the increased speeds.

Router is just a basic one & over 7 years old now. Just seems to be getting a bit unreliable at times. Plus all our devices now are much newer, with much more recent wifi specs. It’s not a huge house so as far as coverage goes I don’t think we need anything too fancy.

Our router was becoming unreliable recently, so we looked around for an upgrade. We chose a tp-link AX3000, also known as Archer AX55.

It was released in 2021 so is well proven, very reliable and low cost ($169?). It is not a fast as the latest tech, but our internet performance is limited by our NBN speed, not the router. Internet comms is our primary use. It is also easily fast enough for local streaming of 4k content from our media server. It also provides good coverage in and around our small town house.

It is easy to spend 3 to 5 times more on the latest tech (bleeding edge), but it will be years before we upgrade all our devices and NBN plan to make full use of it.

Thanks. I’ll have a look…

I’m interested to see this. I’ve started to suspect that my current Fritz!Box router mesh system just isn’t working the way it should. I have 3 7490s in a mesh (connected by cables), distributed about 10m away from each other under my house, and still the coverage is patchy at times. I thought that must be due to the brick pillar house-supports causing shadows, but I’ve just installed a eufy security camera system outside which connects all the cameras directly via its own 2.4Ghz connection to a single base station under the house, and it’s doing a much better job. That is, the cameras outside the house connect easily to the single eufy base station even in places where my iPad can’t get any connection to the 3-station Fritz!Box mesh.
What gives? Should I be replacing my mesh system with a newer router? With a decent new router, would I even need a mesh?

It’s a bit of a coincidence you should bring this up as I was thinking about it again just yesterday. I haven’t done anything about it yet but I really need to pull my finger out and make a decision.

This looks pretty good and is a pretty good price at a few places at the moment.