Wireless Charging

So has anyone jumped on board the wireless charging with their new iPhones (or older ones with a wireless charging case)?

I’ve got an eBay special to see if it worked with my case, turns out it’s actually pretty cool. I’ve ordered a couple of standup versions which I’m waiting for to replace my bedside charger and the one on my office desk.

Turns out I needed a lamp in the lounge room too so picked up a RIGGAD at Ikea yesterday. Wireless charging + a USB port for other things (like the ATV remote)

The last thing I’m considering is a magnetic car charger/holder. I’ve already got a magnetic one which seems to work very well and is quite convenient. I am concerned that it wont be able to deliver enough power to cover GPS navigation + streaming audio from the net over bluetooth + actually charging the phone at the same time. Hell, the cable can struggle when it’s warm. Has anyone tried these sort of things out?

I have the Riggad lamp for my 8 Plus. It is pretty cool not having to plug your phone in to charge it, but it is fairly slow. I have it as my bedside lamp so I put my phone on the pad to charge it overnight.

That would be perfect for the bedside table…hmmm…

I bought 10 cheap DealExtreme QI pads a year ago or thereabouts, for around $30 all up. Been using one at work and one at home for my X. Works fine. I don’t use it to charge up completely, or quickly. Just somewhere to put my phone while I’m not moving around for a while. Gave one to my wife for her 8, and gave a couple to mates with Galaxy S8s.

Out of interest, does anyone know is wireless charging is efficient? I wonder how much more it costs to charge via wireless vs wire…

That’s an interesting question. I’d also be interested in working out what the vampire drain on a wireless charger is vs a wired one.


Just bumping an older thread, looking at wireless chargers to charge watch, iPhone and AirPods. Really like the Nomad chargers but the price not so much.

Looking at the following options, anyone had experience with these or can recommend some others to look at? The Amazon will need the wall plug to be purchased separately.


From what I’ve heard it’s better for your iPhones battery health in the long run to be charged more slowly. So wireless chargers seem to be the way to go. I still have a 20w fast charging brick and cable to charge my phone up in a pinch though but I always charge wirelessly overnight