WWDC 23 reply

Goggles and new Pro… based on US pricing, I’ll scratch them off my wish list for 2028, maybe pencil them in for 2035 hard waste collection scrounging.

And presumably no one here stayed up for the event. :slight_smile:

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No, the longer I’m retired the further Apple’s products and pricing are getting outside of my budget.

I am still holding out some hope for a SE4 to replace my iPhone 12 with at some point though (the current SE is just way way to small… if it was in an iPhone 8+ body I’d seriously consider it).

A lot of these new Silicon Macs are way, way overkill for most people though. Would you ever need even a fraction of the power of the new Mac Pro? Or even the Mac Studio?

I’m hanging out for a 2nd hand M2 Pro Mac mini. I reckon they might start filtering through in the next couple of months.

As far as iPhones go, I’m looking to replace my XR. Not too sure what to go for yet though. Any suggestions welcome.

Yeah, I was reading the thread on MacRumors about the MacPro and someone made the comment that you don’t need one unless you are billing your time… and I guess I realised that’s very true. I want what they used to be, but really even a Mac Mini does everything I need except mass storage.

The goggles though…. Sound amazing (caved and read the review), but I can’t imagine owning them inside of this decade.

The thing is, a Mac mini & some sort of storage device, even a large one, is still smaller than a Mac Pro. And probably uses a lot less power too. The really big surprise for me is that they haven’t announced a new M2 iMac. I would have thought that would be a really big seller.

What are you going to do with your Mac Pro?

Any of the 12,13 or 14 phones will offer a significant jump in performance and screen quality from the XR (I had an XR) but I’d avoid the 12 at this point as the 13 isn’t much more expensive.

I’m assuming since you have an Xr that like I had that you’re not looking at the Pro phones.

There are varying rumours about an SE 4 at some point which is rumoured to be based upon the iPhone 14 but who knows what’ll happen.

Not necessarily. I don’t want one of the huge big ones though. I’m debating on waiting & maybe getting a 15 even. Or a used 14 once the 15 is out. The last 3 iPhones I’ve had have been 2nd hand & they’ve all been great & a huge discount. I could afford a 15 though as I’ve decided no to go ahead with a purchase I have been saving for.

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I happened to notice it was on when I was going to bed and stayed awake for the duration. I thought it was pretty good. I’ve seen plenty worse. Apple seem incredibly focused and executing really well. The Mac lineup is arguably the best it’s ever been and they seem to be relentlessly iterating everything, with the exception of iCloud maybe.

I bought an M2 Air a few months ago and it’s amazing. In 25 years of using Macs I have never had a laptop that was satisfying for me, but I do now. Still not my main machine, but finally it could be.

The Vision Pro seems like a really interesting product and they’ve obviously solved a whole lot of difficult problems to get it where it is. The Keynote was great in terms of detailing how they got it together. I probably won’t get a chance to see it once it’s mature but I think it will rock by V3.

Which review did you read? I’d be keen to have a look.

I just watched the MacRumours recap of WWDC but what really caught my eye on their channel was a podcast they put up about 10 days ago featuring their founder, Arnold Kim. I used to check his website everyday (along with a few others back in the day) & I remember him announcing that he was giving up his medical career to go full time on MacRumours. He seems like a really nice guy.

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If the Vision offers a content / movie viewing experience as good as the promo video makes it look and I can install plex to access my library, then I think i’m going to want one. Time to start saving~!

But more importantly, the Vision is showing what is possible at the bleeding edge of this tech. It is very exciting for the future and what is to come. Ten years from now, that type of device may be within range of the many more consumers.

These day’s I no longer seek a powerful Mac. It has become an appliance and as long as it can perform basic tasks, it will do the trick. For anything more demanding, I build my own PC’s now.

I would argue that they’re all pretty high performance now. Some are just much more high performance than others. You no longer need a Mac Pro for really serious photography for example.

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Some of the models are definitely very high performance. And most models are irrelevant for anyone that doesn’t bill for their time based off tasks they use the computer for or have time sensitive work to perform. A M2 Mac Mini or iMac with some extra RAM and Storage will meet the majority of users needs.

My issue more comes down to the cost of current Apple devices and their lack of repairability. I am not going to drop $6k on a Mac that could have some bad memory in 2 years and become a paperweight. Obviously it could be repaired, but if you’re talking about a Mac Studio with a M2 Ultra, the whole processor / logic board needs replacing. The cost won’t be much cheaper than a new device.
At least if I invest that money into a PC, if my RAM goes bad, I can replace a single stick of RAM.

Apple’s move to ARM has also made my specific use case less viable. I mainly need higher specs for virtualisation. And not being able to easily run x86/64 based systems is problematic.


A 15” MacBook Air is tempting, would love to see one in person.

I don’t really get the 15" MacBook Air but I know they will probably sell well.

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I don’t either… I bought the really small one… umm don’t remember the size.

Then one of the small, thin MacBooks when Apple dropped the smaller sized Air.

Then Apple stopped making the MacBook as well…

I think because the 16 inch MacBook Pro is well out of plenty of people’s budgets, I think its a good option for people who just want a bigger screen, but don’t need a lot of power.

Yeah - and draw less power than a Mac Pro, too. Even when I finished film school, talking to some small video producers they just said to buy a modern iMac (ie circa 2008) because it would have been fine for me to edit HD video on. These days - that’s not really changed. An iMac or Mac mini would suffice for my needs - not that I’ve opened Final Cut in ages (in fact, I can’t use my version now under the OS I’m running), but I’m sure this 2012 mini I’m using now could perform reasonably well at editing.

The thing that has changed is cost. In 2008 I could afford new Mac products, and between myself and my wife, we were on less than $60kpa. These days, the prices are absurdly high, even excluding the not amazing exchange rate.

Second hand is the way to go. There are even M2 Mac minis coming onto eBay now & I reckon that will increase now with the new announcements. Back in the day, before the local Apple Stores opened, David Jones had Apple departments & you could get interest free terms. That’s the only way I could afford to buy new back then…

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I did that a couple of times myself, and sometimes they even had discounts on older stock.