Airpods - Who's keen?


I wasn’t going to say anything but yes, yes I am.


He can wear anything.

Or nothing?


Good AirPods run down on this weeks ATP. Sounds like the lack of cable will help AirPods stay in the ears (unlike AirPods), but theres still the issue of not having the exact shaped ear to get a good deal for bass. I’d give them a crack.


Brisbane folk, CBD store has AirPods in stock, this is not a drill, I just did click and collect.


Annnnd. Sold out apparently


You? Or the Apple Store? :wink:

How are you finding them?


Apple Store, I got mine ok, haven’t tested them yet, packing to head up to my folks, will give them a crack over the Xmas break.


Thanks jaysee for his extra pair of AirPods - just got them, great Christmas surprise - they work surprisingly well, and the pairing across devices is just… amazing! Effortless, with just a click - I’m impressed!


AirPods are all sorts of awesome. Pairing is a breeze. And earlier I went for a walk with just my Watch and AirPods. Everything worked a treat, except when I got back to my parents and was in range of my iPhone again and it stopped playing music from my Watch when they reconnected. But there’s probably is a way around that.

Lack of volume controls doesn’t bother me since you can control it all from the Watch anyway.


Alcohol/disinfectant wipes apparently.


Went for another walk with just my Watch and AirPods. This will be my default workout kit when I want to switch off from the world for a bit.

Found the same thing re: music stopping when my iPhone was in range again. I know it’s when the iPhone is in range (nothing to do with the watch connecting to wifi) because yesterday it was in my parents granny flat where there’s no mobile reception and no wifi. I think what it must be is the Watch repairing itself to the iPhone. The music returned about 30 seconds later and I confirmed it was still playing from the Watch (rather than reconnecting to the phone and continuing playback there). I don’t think Apple have quite worked out what to do in this scenario (Watch reconnects to the phone, 3 or 4 paired devices suddenly in range).


Found an AirPod life hack. If you’re having a short conversation with someone but still want music playing in the other ear, remove one AirPod and hold it in your fist. It’ll still trigger the proximity sensor.


Anyone know if Apple stores are getting daily deliveries of stock?
Have ordered a set at start of January, but waiting till middle of February to get them is painful.


Not sure about daily, but I got an email the other day that the Brisbane CBD store got some in stock. I haven’t signed up since to see if they’re daily, but it may be worth a try:


Pickup date looks like 11/3/2017 for cbd. Looks like stock is trickling in.

Try the electronics department at MYER too. Seems to be stock getting in there from time to time.


Thanks, Good site for checking, but not one Apple Store in the world has stock. Thought Apple would have started to catch up on backlog a bit by now but appears not.


Yeah, they’re not kidding around with that 6 week shipping time.


Are they creating demand by limiting supply?

They’ve been known to do this in the past.


I highly doubt that. I think it’s far more likely that they are actually in massive demand.


There’s a fine line between where this becomes a useful tool and where it becomes detrimental to the product/company.

I think Apple has made a few people sit up and take notice with the AirPods and as such everyone wants a pair. Also, coupled with the fact that they are relatively cheap to grab a pair with a new iPhone purchase, the demand is sky high without any forced supply chain constraints