Apple Pay for American Express - Nov 19th

Continuing the discussion from Apple Pay in Maps:

Just got confirmation from American Express that this will launch in a week. If you change your iPhone’s region to US and try to add an Amex card, you get an email like this:

When I called them, they were a bit confused as to how it all happened but said that when it launches on the 19th we’ll be able to add cards without having to call them. It’s probably just in testing for a select few at the moment.

Wonder if this means the public release of iOS 9.2 is on the 19th as well.


Confused… so did they actually add it for you manually and you can now use it?

No, they said to try again when it launches.

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For those whom are members of Engineers Australia and want to try Apple Pay/AMEX for free, you can get a free basic card for $0/year…


Meanwhile The CBA android app has enabled NFC payments for Amex and MasterCard. I tried it this morning, works very well, though they haven’t got fingerprint authentication working yet so you have to enter a PIN on the phone prior to purchase, though that’s no big deal. I find it very telling that CBA chose this week to do this, why do I get the feeling that relations between the big banks and Apple in Australia aren’t terribly good?

Apple Pay in Canada just went live - no iOS update required. (just an update to which is cached and retrieved by iPhone every 24 hours to check what regions Apple Pay is available in)

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Can you MITM this JSON file with your own which has an entry for AU?

HTTPS suggests no, but I’m no infosec expert.

19th :beer:

Just tried it with mitmproxy, but they use certificate pinning, so no joy there. Look like we’re all waiting for tomorrow!

Done! Can’t get the watch to work though.

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I could not get the Apple Watch to work either, but then read that you have to set up your Apple Watch with your card as well. I followed this guide and it’s all good now (A note with the guide though, it mentions Passbook instead of Wallet as it was when Apple Watch first launched).

Excellent! Now all I need is to buy an Apple Watch or upgrade my phone to a 6 or 6S

I didn’t end up having to do that - it took a while for the Wallet & Apple Pay option to show up in the Watch app, but when it did the card was there with an Add button.

Added card this morning, easy. Went to Coles on the way to work, works very well. I like that you don’t need to unlock the phone, just hold it to the reader and a page comes up asking for your fingerprint, and that’s it. Having the transaction list is also very handy. I got the Qantas Discovery card and got one for my better half so he can try it out as well. It’s probably really a novelty at this point, I think the main benefit is it’s more secure than “normal” paypass. I’m glad it’s here though and hope this gets the banks etc to join in, I would imagine that particularly with Christmas coming up that hopefully at least one of them will blink before then.

First successful Apple Pay purchase!

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Just did an Apple Watch Apple Pay purchase too. All this extra spending just to try it out!

They need to add rewards cards to ApplePay, as whilst I could use ApplePay at Woolies, and Coles, I still had to pull out my wallet to scan the rewards card.

That’s what’s good about the Commbank app on Android at least. You can have rewards cards in the app, and so you scan that and there’s a tap and pay button on the same screen. I can’t believe Flybuys and Everyday Rewards haven’t somehow added there cards to Wallet, I’m guessing it must cost?

They’d much rather we use their own apps so they have more opportunities to market and up-sell to us.