Apple Pay (Wallet)


Word on the street is ING will have Apple Pay soon.


Would LOVE that.


Yup. People on Whirlpool are reporting.

That the cards are recognised and terms and conditions have now been added in but you can’t as of yet complete the card authorisation and add the card in to Apple Pay.

Whirlpool: 1, 2 and 3


Excellent news.

As mentioned previously I set up an account with CUA so I could try Apple Pay. After joining online I received an email saying “Your Visa Debit has been ordered and is on the way!”. Waited 2 weeks, nothing. I then rang them to discover they don’t automatically send a card; you have to request one. Dafuq?

The card came 2 days ago and I did my first ApplePay transaction at Coles. The lady at the self-checkouts wanted to know why I was holding my phone to the card reader and seemed somewhat suspicious that shenanigans were afoot.


Its surprising how many people in retail have never seen someone use Apple Pay before. I’ve popped the cherry of quite a few retail staff who were impressed when I used my watch to pay. I honestly don’t think that many people are using it, despite what ANZ etc will have us believe.


I’m known as ‘the watch guy’ at my local petrol station…


I go as far as copping the eftpos transaction fee for some of the places I visit (as long as it’s not ridiculous) if it means not having to use cash. (Note: the places I visit that charge an eftpos fee are usually very small coffee shops.)


At the risk of starting a debate, name and shame them…


Nup. The main one in question is one of the better coffee shops in my area, but it’s still not fantastic (I’m a hardcore coffee snob). If they did amazing coffee, I’d name them.


I’ve been seeing the same, hot the watch a couple of weeks ago and the number of times the shop assistant has commented or had their mind blown by me being able to pay via the watch is quite high.

I thought it’d be waaay more prevalent. Although I do get less questions and looks when I use my phone, so maybe that’s the more frequent way people are using it? I still dont see many watches in the wild here in Adelaide so maybe that’s a contributing factor.


I haven’t tried this yet but another app here:

Pass2U Wallet - Put cards into Apple Wallet by MicroMacro Mobile Inc.


That was quick. This is only after 2 minutes. But:

What I like that Stocard has that this doesn’t is templates already setup.

However, what I like about this app is it seems to allow any barcode to be added to Wallet. And it doesn’t group them together like Stocard does.


Hey Taswegians, MyState now offers Apple Pay:


Cheers I’m giving this one a go. The whole ‘grouping’ the cards together always bothered me so this should be a great improvement, but the best thing is it doesn’t have their logo plastered all over it.


That too. I’m housesitting at the moment and left my “electronically replaced cards wallet” at home. So won’t get a chance to really try it out until the new year.


Yep, came about as a result of the Cuscal agreement.


Just realised a potential problem with Pass2U. It converts barcodes into QR codes (which I believe is a requirement for Wallet). If the merchant’s barcode scanner isn’t programmed to support QR codes (in which case, what year is this?) then it’s pretty much useless.

Edit: Actually it doesn’t, I’m completely wrong!

Edit again: One of my barcodes just converted to a QR code, by itself.


I know. I was half trying to be optimistic :frowning:


Finding a few issues with Pass2U.

  • it randomly converts some barcodes to QR codes. And I don’t know why.
  • I’ve started putting my cards in… and it’s started grouping them together like Stocard does. It didn’t do this when I tried the other day.
  • The logo has to be the exact right size or it crops it and does weird things.
  • Colour management has to get better. I can never dial in the exact RGB values that I want. It’d be cool if it could try and analyse them a little too. Currently I’m doing a Google Image Search on my Mac and getting them using Digital Colour Analyzer.


This just appeared on Twitter.