Apple Pay (Wallet)


GoMoney is well improved in the latest version. TouchID support and one can see one’s pending transactions on one’s VISA Debit account.


Just noticed that. I’m happy with ANZ and ApplePay (still blow people’s mind when I pay with the watch). Although the Westpac App is pretty decent too. I was hoping that ANZ would add TouchID support soon too.

Pity ANZ’s other banking experiences grate on me.


Now it’s just time for a decent iPad app (Grow’s pretty cluttered and overkill if all you do is bank with ANZ)


Agreed. All I want to do is to be able to see how broke I am at any given time :joy::joy:


"Apple hits out at Australian Banks"
Sounds accurate to me


I’m glad I left CBA for ANZ when I did (least not of all for the $100 Myer voucher, which conveniently is able to be added to Passbook). Looks like the situations deadlocked for some time to come.


Also. I’m a selfish consumer and I want Apple Pay to be a thing because it’s hugely convenient for me, but I don’t feel sorry for either party in this one. I like Apple more than I like my bank, but neither party’s exactly struggling for cash.


ING and Macquarie from “next month”.


I’m trying to leave CBA for ANZ too… but I haven’t had any success talking to anyone who isn’t incompetent. I have a pretty good deal built up with CBA over 15 years, Platinum CCs for no yearly fee etc. I have told ANZ I’ll bring all my accounts + home loan over to them, but they genuinely don’t seem interested which is weird / disappointing.


Glad about ING on iphone. Wondering if we’ll get Bankwest as well, though no signs of that… yet.

Having said that, I’ve got a Nexus 5X, and have tried out Android Pay. I don’t know about other Androids (YMMV) but I’m going so far as to say it’s a superior experience to Apple Pay, at least usage wise.

Firstly the Android Pay app accepts both Credit, Debit and Loyalty cards. Yes I know there are ways you can get Loyalty cards into Apple Wallet, but not easily. After you’ve scanned your loyalty card, because your phone is already unlocked, then you just pay and off you go. No fiddling with the fingerprint sensor or switching apps to stocard or something, like Australians are pretty much forced to do on iphone.

When using Android Pay, you unlock the phone, and then just hold it near the reader. You don’t need to hold your finger on the fingerprint sensor whilst paying. If I’m using Apple Pay, this is inevitably the time when TouchID decides it can’t read my fingerprint (when it seems to work so well the rest of the time) making the entire process a bit more lengthy.

Thirdly, you can hold the phone further from the reader than you can with the iphone. Probably at least an inch and it works fine, and fast. If only bloody myki worked this well.

And of course, at least currently, Android Pay accepts more banks and cards than Apple Pay does.

Personally I think all in all it’s a better experience.


As far as using Touch ID when using Apple Pay, you don’t have to hold it down at the terminal. You touch the home button once and then it’s unlocked and waiting. If for some reason you can’t get it to recognise your fingerprint, which is honestly super rare for me, you can type in your passcode.

Personally I prefer that extra security, even with the Apple Watch if it’s taken off of your wrist, it can’t be used for Apple Pay until the passcode is entered again.


I think what he’s saying is the cashier is when the TouchID sensor will inevitably fail.

Personally I don’t see it though. TouchID’s failure rate is extraordinarily high in QLD during summer (heat and humidity = sweaty fingers) but using TouchID to authenticate Apple Pay still works well. I’m guessing that’s because more often than not, when I use Apple Pay I’m in air conditioning so the humidity doesn’t screw things too much.


Still don’t see this being resolved any time soon.


One thing I’m not clear on with this ACCC submission.

Can the ACCC force Apple to make the NFC open to the banks? Or are they just asking permission to collectively negotiate with Apple, which could then go either way?


Not an issue for me, since I update to the newest phone every year using Telstras ‘New Phone Feeling’

From what I have gathered, if the banks don’t come to an agreement with Apple then the big four just won’t ever have Apple Pay. Apple won’t open up their NFC, I don’t see it happening at all.


Clearly you don’t live in Brisbane or north QLD. 7/7 Plus TouchID is still hopeless in our summers.


That is not correct. I have used it in much more humid places than Brisbane. Most people don’t enter their finger prints correctly. Sometimes you should add a separate finger print with the finger offset by 45 degrees.

Also the 7 and 7 Plus don’t have any movement in the sensory it’s purely against the glass, so even if you’re under water, it’s skin against glass, expels water.


Still has a long way to go (in my experience. YMMV).


Generally I find if I’m having issues getting it to recognise my fingerprint, deleting and adding my fingerprint again seems to work.


So I’m curious — of the banks that are staunchly against Apple Pay until they can have their own mobile payments on iPhones, how many of them offer Android Pay alongside their own apps?

The latest argument from the banks appears to be “we just want to be able to offer our own mobile payments solutions alongside Apple Pay”, but I’m wondering if they already do that on Android, where they do have access to the NFC chip, or if this argument is merely “anti-competitive” for the sake of it, rather than because they actually want to go head to head with Apple Pay.