Apple Pay (Wallet)


I added my Woolworths card to my wallet on Tuesday. It’s definitely live.


Yeah they’ve taken the page down where you could actually add the card to wallet. It’s supposed to be launching on Monday anyway, so not too long to wait now. I’m yet to use mine, but I have to admit it’s handy to see points balance and $ off at a glance


yep, have had it added by a Woolies Rewards Rep about five minutes ago…fast and straightforward.


In person? Or did you call them? I’m keen to get mine activated


In person, I originally followed the instructions to have it done online however the SMS never arrived. Today at work we had Reps setup little booth and they did it for me… worked like a charm. It seems they have access to push the SMS instantly to your iPhone…


Lucky, I tried calling anyway and zero luck.


How does it work exactly anyway? Curious if it’s as smooth as I imagine


So far I used it twice. Scan your products, operator asked if I have rewards card. I held out my phone to the eftpos machine with my finger gently on the home button.
iPhone display flashed briefly. Done. Paid with card as my bank is not Apple Pay friendly :frowning:

Smooth. :slight_smile:


Oh cool so basically it treats the Woolworths Rewards card as if it were an Apple Pay card except rather than paying, you’re getting your points. Then you just use Apple Pay afterwards like normal.


So if you had an Apple Pay card, would you need to scan your phone twice, or would it all happen during the single payment transaction normally???


Seems that way but it’s still a lot quicker than the typical way, plus they’d both be in the same place. Right now I have Woolworths Rewards added in my wallet through a third party app, so I have to open Wallet and scan it then go into Apple Pay mode



2 tap solution.


It occurs to me that my nearest Woolies still requires the person working the checkout to do the scan (no idea why they havent updated) so I shan’t be bothering with this just yet. I use flybuys with my watch, and apple pay with my watch… and most times I go to Coles. I enjoy the benefits of Woolies rewards just for my mobile service.


A “new” bank, RACQ?? never heard of it, but an advert just on tv for them saying supports all pays.

Website says apple pay/wallet.

I haven’t looked into it any detail, not many branches though.


I can confirm that WOW Staff discount cards also work in the Apple Wallet Woolworths Rewards integration

Although with a horribly pixelated banner image? I don’t understand but it works as expected. Tap for Rewards then keep phone there for Apple Pay.

Looking forward to explaining this to customers who don’t know what Apple Pay/Wallet is :neutral_face:


I could kinda tell this was coming over the last few months as Apple Pay itself was suddenly and heavily advertised all around the store, including stickers on our checkout POS assemblies and via the store radio/PA.

I hope this encourages other merchants/whatever to integrate with Wallet. It’s been 5 damn years…


eftpos support was announced today, At this stage it appears to be only available on ANZ access cards but I’m sure other banking institutions that already support Apple Pay will be some of the 1st to add this feature to their existing eftpos cards.

And who knows we might even see some new banking institutions.

Wednesday Morning News

Colour me old… but how is this different to a debit card? Seems like both access funds directly from a bank account? Its a genuine question, I really dont know.


Apparently it’s aimed at Concession and Healthcare Card holders? No fees, etc.

I have no idea on the technical differences, however.


At a guess, I’d say it’s a difference between the ‘middle-person’ - a transaction on a debit card gets processed by the relevant credit card provider eg Visa/MasterCard whereas a transaction on an eftpos only card is handled by the eftpos organisation, and probably with lower fees charged against the bank for doing so.