Apple Pay (Wallet)


Commonwealth Bank’s New Zealand Subsidiary ASB Bank also just pushed out Apple Pay support.


And it was making me crazy so I looked for a different solution. I did not have it active on my phone (in the watch app) so I activated it… and then turned it off. signed in as instructed and its now gone. It seems the phone thought Pay Cash was active, even though the slider was not showing green… anyway, fixed now. YAY.

And CBA Visa CC now added, too :slight_smile:


I looked again for infor this morning and didn’t fund anything through a google search so figured I’d just try it out and to my surprise it worked! Then I came here and read I was five hours late with that news :stuck_out_tongue:

Pretty happy right now that this is setup and I can carry one less card around.


Why do people still use banks like ANZ, CBA, NAB & Westpac? Haven’t they proven beyond any shadow of a doubt by now that they’re corrupt, incompetent thieves?


Mine is a leftover CC from when I had a mortgage with them. I should pay it off and dump it but its so handy. And no I wouldnt qualify for a CC even from my own bank. Pensioner. And yes, I know the % rate is a rort.


Inertia mostly. Already here, can’t be arsed moving everything. That said, ApplePay was slowly moving the needle for many (myself included) who started moving or at least looking to move.

I did start to look around, however the package I have with CBA is competitivem through my broker (who I’m more than happy to recommend to everyone (SW Sydney based)), they have branches everywhere (not that I use them that often) and it all just works. ApplePay was going to be the benefit, but that’s now not an issue.


Just spent $70 at Kmart and paid with my phone.

I wish there was a Receipts app and all purchases sent a receipt to the app. Very disappointed in businesses that do not offer email receipts.


@anon65137053 Start your own thread if your only contribution is irrelevant to THIS thread


So I’ve used Apple Pay twice today and each time had to enter my passcode. I thought it would use Touch ID / Face ID.


If the transactions were $100 or more then that’s why, otherwise that shouldn’t be the case normally


Added my CommBank MasterCard Debit this afternoon, haven’t tested it yet though.

Curiously, the only reason I knew this was a thing was because of this thread. No email from CBA, nothing in their app, and only a fleeting reference on their website. Either this is a soft launch with a larger campaign on the way, or it’s being introduced quietly.


How entirely unnecessary and hostile.


Given how late they are to the party, I’d say it’s a soft launch that they don’t want to bring much attention to.

I’ve been enjoying the benefits of Apple Pay for a long time now using ING. I absolutely love just holding the phone near a reader with my thumb on the button: it wakes immediately and takes about two seconds to approve the transaction. It got to a point where I used it so much that when I ended up spending over $100 and was asked for my PIN, I couldn’t recall it.


Based on screenshots on Twitter they did have something in their app to notify users of Apple Pay availability.


Three payments with Apple Pay all between $15 and $70. Apple Wallet has one option, Pay with Passcode. I will have to contact them to confirm if this is the only way it works.


Yeah that’s definitely not the way it should work. What’s the device you have? I’m guessing you’ve got Touch ID or Face ID set up on your device and turned on.

I’d start by going to settings “Touch ID & Passcode” or “Face ID & Passcode” and making sure that the switch for Apple Pay is turned to on.


I suspect there is another reason.

Front page of their website and first tab in the app:


Check your settings to ensure FaceID or TouchID is turned on for Apple Pay.


I thought that was what he meant :man_shrugging:t3:


Indeed, this only appeared for me AFTER I added the card to Apple Pay.