Circumvent Apple's Mail filter


When emptying my iCloud mailbox I discovered that Apple appears to be filtering Mail. I read an article from 2013 that discusses this:

Is there any way to circumvent this intrusion?

Emails on the Cloud which haven’t D/L to my computer are prefaced with this partial message:

Clicking on it or moving it to another folder to open doesn’t complete the message so I don’t know what the problem with my email software could be, however the Article itself can be read but not downloaded.

As far as I can tell the blocked emails that are still on-line are all from The Shovel.

I’ve just discovered another awful truth about Mail. It appears that deleting messages from the cloud also deletes them from the computer mailbox.


Yeah, I’ve fallen victim to this a few times myself. It seems to me they’re blocking at the server level and we can’t adjust it. I created a gmail address for places I have issues with and set it to auto forward to my iCloud address.

I do get emails from The Shovel though through my iCloud so that’s weird. Could you try adding [email protected] to your iOS contact list and seeing if that helps?

That’s just how imap mail works. I’m by no means an expert in the area, but I think you’d have to use pop3 for it not to do that and I don’t believe iCloud supports that protocol.


Bloody hell. Just as I was switching away from gmail. Whats next? Maybe I’ll switch to Protonmail entirely.


Thanks, franckie.

I do get emails from The Shovel but was not aware that I wasn’t getting all of them until I noticed a couple of unread emails in the on-line inbox. It seems the filter is sensitive to certain words, whether they’re all there or implied!

For example, I got curious and went to The Shovel’s website and found other issues I haven’t received, such as:

and lots more. There goes my afternoon…

PS. I just added the email address to contacts, thank you, will see if that makes a difference.


Blow me down. Same here.


I can’t believe anyone is still using iCloud mail as their primary email address. The issue your seeing is with the iCloud mail server & it’s silent filter. :man_facepalming:

I had a client with this issue a couple of years back - random people on Bigpond simply couldn’t email her, and they didn’t even bounce! Crazy bad. Apple should be ashamed.

Client has been using Fastmail since then, and loves it.

I also use Fastmail having switched from GSuite for my own email domain late last year. Absolutely loving it. It’s better than Office 365 or GSuite if you use native Mac mail apps HANDS down.


Never had an issue with my iCloud address filtering emails :man_shrugging:t4:


But that’s the point. You’d never know!


Yeah. I only ever found out by not getting the confirmation emails when signing up for certain sites (like Indie Gala). Then I went researching and found the exact article that @Buttercup posted here. Heck, I even told her I was getting The Shovel emails only to find out I’ve also not been getting them all.


AVC. I didn’t know, either, what I didn’t know then. :confused:

Jaycee, I’d never heard about the filtering problem before and expect millions of other people haven’t either.

Now I’m wondering about not hearing back from a company I’d emailed… a law firm, no less. They’re usually right on to any opportunity to make money. Glad I didn’t give them an earful for their apparent contempt! I’ll email them again using my ISP email.

I’m not motivated to pre-emptively read every article on the internet that might contain a scintilla of information about iCloud that might save my data or preserve my ability to communicate. I’d really like to see a list:

  1. iCloud filters your emails.
  2. Deleting emails or other data on-line may delete it on your devices.
  3. …?

Is there such a list out there?

I’ll have to consider a different email address.

Thanks to this forum for helping.


What is the best alternative then?

I will not use Gmail because I don’t like the idea of Google reading all my emails. What else?


I’m not sure of that. But what I wanted to say is that I think for most of us we’ve come to have this knowledge the same way you have. We run into problems then seek out the answers be it by googling, using forums like this, or youtubing.

A lot of us read tech blogs and forums like this just out of interest too and you pick up little tidbits along the way.

There seems to be always something new to learn that’s for sure.

Yeah I’ve stuck with iCloud because it’s just easier for me. If I use Gmail I can’t have push on my phone unless I use a 3rd party mail client. If I use Outlook then it keeps putting these ATT00001 attachments onto emails. If I use something like @jaysee suggested then I have to pay.

For me, I’ll just stick to iCloud and have a backup Gmail forwarding to it for the services that get silently filtered (which now includes The Shovel).


Fastmail is awesome. Melboune company originally!


Protonmail. But not if you want to store a ton of emails. The free level only has 500Mb storage. The next level isnt too expensive, about $48USD p/a. I was lucky to get 1GB on my free account having been an early adopter. They have apps for iOS and Android, on the computer, you’d use a web interface.


Yeah I’d fill that up pretty quickly, and I don’t feel like paying for an email service :slight_smile:


5GB @ zoho mail?


I’m very grateful that so many who do this are so generous with the knowledge gained and so willing to translate it into non-geek speak that I can use! Thanks again.


These two positions seem incompatible to me.


Which two positions? That I don’t want to use Gmail or pay for an email service?


If you’re not paying for it financially, you’re supplying value to the service provider some other way - i.e. personal information, advertising etc