Finance tracking/budget tracking apps?


Wondering if people have any apps in this category that they absolutely love? Here’s what I’ve used in the past:

Probably my favourite budget tracker since it was featured in early 3G/3G S adverts. Was abandoned for a few years but was recently updated.

However, doesn’t have a Mac or Watch app which is a deal breaker for me.

Jumsoft Money
Was good in its day but hasn’t had an update in 3-4 years still hasn’t been updated for large screen iPhones. Still no Watch app. Also, one thing that really bugs me about this app is I couldn’t select multiple categories for a single category, so toothpaste (toiletries) and groceries (groceries) couldn’t be under a single transaction. Developers have been promising a major update for years now. But I’ll believe it when I see it.

Currently what I’m using now, but it seems to be in a bit of a funny spot. Version 2 has the option for upfront or subscription (for their premium version) which makes me think they’ll go subscription only for version 3.

Also, their Watch app is still watchOS 1 and the developers have made it perfectly clear that updating the Watch app is an ultra low priority. I’d be surprised if it happens before iOS 11/watchOS 4. I actually use the Watch app quite a bit.

Also, they’ve built their own sync engine and use Dropbox for receipt sync. And I think I’d prefer something that syncs over iCloud (not a deal breaker.)

Are there any apps I should be checking out?


iPhone, iPad, Watch and Mac Apps
Ability to split transactions across multiple categories
Ability to attach receipts to transactions. Bonus if it converts them to a low resolution but perfectly readable JPEG like MoneyWiz does. Doesn’t need to sync across devices but would be nice.

I may or may not move away from MoneyWiz. I have some frustrations with it, but it does do a lot of things well.


Ok, so, I can’t recommend anything - I use an Excel spreadsheet… or used to when I could motivate myself enough to manage my finances and not just bury my head in a bucket of sand…

But, reminds me of the fact I really should learn how to code in this new era, cos gauging by the complex spreadsheets I build at work, I’m sure I have the background to create a good budgeting app…


I used to use PocketBook because it synced with my bank accounts automatically, however it seemed to be a little unreliable in that it would give very different figures than what my bank account said. Are there any other apps that will link in directly with my bank account? I’m not disciplined enough to account for every transaction, plus there are numerous automatically debited payments every fortnight.


Wow… You give an app your bank passwords?

Probably entirely safe… I know when I was trying to take a c/card payment from someone the other day, and they baulked at giving me their CCV, I did kinda think “nutter”, but… bank passwords?


I enter all my transactions (including scheduled) by hand. Many of them have a scheduled transactions feature which pay them automatically.

I do them myself for two reasons:

If I do it myself, it’s a subconscious reminder that I’m spending money.
It’s also my own anti-fraud checking. I reconcile it against my bank statement periodically.


I was looking around last year for an online service or app that handled banking. The few that were suggested all wanted banking passwords. Noped out of that quickly, and when I went back to ask for other suggestions that didn’t require passwords (either CSV upload or manual entry) I was belittled for not trusting a third party with my banking details.

People were truly astounded that I didn’t want to provide my net banking logins and considered me stupid for not doing so.


From my professional experiences dealing with Americans, they are very fearful of online banking. They still use personal cheques like its the 70’s… lol And yet try do anything electronic, and Whoa…


Feel free to share or DM your internet banking details to me. I’m a third party you can trust.


I have been using Debit & Credit for a few months instead of iBank. No direct bank access required which I like so all manual entry.


I did look at it. I might start trialling it in parallel. I wish it supported TouchID though. I like the extra layer of security.


Debit & Credit? I just installed it and was able to turn on TouchID via the settings.


You’re correct. I had a boy look.


Trying Debit & Credit now, limited to 2 accounts on free version. Not sure it’s worth the $15.

Edit - it’s $14.99 for the Mac version, $4.99 for the iOS version. Yeah, nah.


A hell of a lot less than some of the other options.


I dont want a full fledged finance package, i have only ever needed to keep track of my bills… the regular outgoings that come regardless of anything else. Once those are sorted, everything else is easy… so, to that end, I bought Chronicle for Mac, and then later also for Ipad/iphone. Its a brilliant little app, and it will predict when your next bills are coming. No surprises anymore and makes it easy to budget. I never care much about where my money has already gone… I want to know whats happening in the future.

I’ve been using this ever since I was pensioned off from work, and surprising as it may seem, I’m actually doing better now, financially, than I was on a full nurse’s wage. Living on a pension is not that hard when you have something like this to help. Does have a watch app. I dont use it.


At the moment I am using Money Pro which isn’t bad after all.
It has also a good import tool — which I’m using to import all the data coming from the discontinued Clara app for iOS.

I took it during an offer (using AppShopper is super-easy to track downprices and offers for wanted softwate) and so far I don’t regret it.

I put the data manually and I don’t have any particular need except OS sync and CVS data import / export so not I’m not bounded for life to a particular software…


It’s 90% off today for both MacOS and iOS. Just over $5 for both of them. Ok.


After using them for 10 minutes, they’re shit.

Will be asking for a refund.


I’ve put my scheduled transactions in. Haven’t minded using it so far.


MoneyPro isn’t perfect, and there’s some really weird design decisions they’ve made (the Agent/Payee entering process is weird and cumbersome) and recurring transactions are a bit weird.

But I think I like it more than MoneyWiz. Having a Watch App that doesn’t take 2 mins to enter a transaction into is a godsend.

I’ve stopped entering transactions into MoneyWiz for now.