iOS 10 - The New Shiny


Today is the day! I upgraded this morning on my iPhone 6+ and it seems OK so far in my limited use.

Having not touched any of the beta’s and mostly not caring it’s all new features. So far it’s pretty and appears to be just as fast (if not faster) than iOS 9 felt.

My first tweak was

General -> accessibility -> Home Button -> Rest Finger to Open

Which makes the home button work like it used to.

How is everyone else finding the new iOS?


I’m really liking it. Notification Centre and widgets are improved (though still not as good as Android, at least in my opinion). Although stickers in imessage seem like a gimmicks, some apps are making good use of them, eg Citymapper has added a bunch of functionality that you can use to send people transit directions and stuff. Raise to wake on the 6S is a good send and rest finger to unlock as well. It seems very stable. Working just as well on my ipad Air 2 which is now almost two years old, but still running well. For those with a 6S that are tempted by an iphone 7, hopefully this will give you enough of a new device feeling that you don’t need to waste your money :slight_smile:


THANK YOU for that Home button tip!


I’m updating now, seemed to be stuck on “update requested” for a while… Well, the Akami servers are probably getting hammered. Finally downloading…

EDIT: stuck on verifying and now its installing…


My first impression is that its notably slower than iOS9 on an iPhone 5S with delays in opening apps.


Mine seemed to chew for a while and get pretty warm after the upgrade. I assume it was running a pile of background tasks in this time. After that it seems pretty smooth.


Yeah, reindexing for spotlight and such, I just realised I was also on low battery mode when I plugged in so that might be slowing things down.


Btw Appletalk functions different in iOS 10 safari - reply box goes off the page.


I’m happy, 6+, I like notification center look, runs faster than 9.3.5, IMHO

Download and install fast and easy, pictures taking a long time to “recognize” faces ( understandable),

Never looked at beta, so looking forward to seeing the new features.


Should have added, battery life seems immensely improved.


The photo indexing chews a lot of resources at first I think, finding all those cats and beaches and bottles takes a lot of CPU.

I’ve loved it through all the betas and they finally got Up Next working on my Bluetooth in the car (mostly)


removed all apps from memory, rebooted, did a backup to iCloud, upgraded to iOS 10

Piece of cake :slight_smile:


Did anyone notice any difference in CarPlay in iOS 10.

Mine seems exactly the same


Nope, I’ve noticed a speed improvement since I’ve had it installed though. It must be all the initial stuff that goes on in the background. I was too busy playing with it. I have noticed apps such as Maps will continue to run even when the phone is locked which is rather handy.


Maps is improved. Offering more routing / re-routing, and the visuals are clearer/improved. Also I think the scroll bars you can tap are new in Phone? I also realised you can re-arrange apps on the car home screen. Not sure if you could do that before, but you can now so I’ve got Overcast on my front page now which is good. :slight_smile:


Think all of this is right re Safari on iPhone.

iOS 6 - 8 tabs
iOS 7 - 24 tabs
iOS 8 - 24 tabs
iOS 9 - 36 tabs
iOS 10 - unlimited

In iOS 10, all tabs can be closed via long press of new tab button.


I can’t cope with left and right instead of up and down to scroll through my emails in Mail and consistently get it wrong! One of those things that logically makes sense to have left for back and right for forward in time, but for years we’ve been used to seeing the newest email at the top of Mail and so up was for newer and down was for older.

The parked car thing is quite clever. Anyone know how it works? Is it simply recognising the gps coordinates of when it disconnects from the car’s Bluetooth (it’s just a basic Bluetooth phone connection, no media controls or CarPlay)? Or is it cleverer than that?


I asked around on Twitter, and never got a clear consensus during the public beta, but I think it may be a combination of car Bluetooth and/or navigation in Maps that triggers it.


My phone does the parked car thing too. Guessing it just guesses from when you unplug from CarPlay (in my case) or disconnect from the car BT headset. It obviously also knows where home is, so if you unplug not at home it would know that.


Sending handwritten notes. Don’t forget you can also combine with a screen or bubble effect.