iPhone X pre-orders


Enjoy :slight_smile:


Got mine! Great guy at my local JB Hifi set one aside for me yesterday and just picked it up.

Apple pre-order cancelled!! :grinning:

Aside: heard the staff talking while I was waiting to pick up the phone, seems like each JB has between 10 - 20, random colours and configurations.




Wonder if things will pick up. Shipping estimates on all configs on the Apple Store have changed to 3-4 weeks.


TNT delivered today for once. I’m loving the iPhone X. The smaller size takes a bit to get used to. But the lack of home button is fine and FaceID is basically transparent login.


Anyone going to try for reservations tomorrow at 6am?


I managed to get one this morning. I decided overnight that I can’t handle the chrome fingerprints & “white” back! :open_mouth:


I’m just too slow! :frowning:


There does seem to be more stock getting to apple stores for pick and reservations. So I’d suggest signing up for istocknow.com and setting up an alert for your local store. Stick seems to show up around 11.30pm at night and again 6am the next morning.

I’ve reserved 1 x SG 256GB and 1 x SG 64GB this way. I’ve cancelled my 27/11 - 4/12 delivery with Apple. Now to find good case.


Yeah I hopped on the Apple store yesterday at 6am because that’s when it resets reservations. Reserved a SG 256gb at Doncaster. And due to a delivery error I now have 2 blue iPhone X leather folio cases! The new phone is very nice.