MacTalk member check-in thread


Ahhh that explains everything… :smiley:


I’ve recently learnt OldMacs is not even old… :wink:


Or am I? :wink: :wink:

I choose ‘Oldmacs’ as my user name when I signed up for MacTalk in 2010, due to my interest in Vintage Macs - as I was chasing down parts to resurrect my LC 475 and numerous other non working macs.


Which explains why he didn’t a candle lit dinner at Maccers. The more mature of us would have picked Nandos.


Hi! I have just found this new Appletalk! I am excited to see an active forum again and was wondering where all the old Mactalkers had gotten to! I was a member of Appletalk many many years ago before it became Mactalk, so I guess I have come full circle now.


Pfffftttt. Not even one hat.


Hi all, new guy here, spent a bit of time on ‘the other site’, this new look forum looks awesome, looking forward to reading some great info and news here.


Joined MacTalk 2004 and am still checking in, but not as frequently. Always looking for answers and Apple folk almost always come up with solutions. Same name as MacTalk and some others, just the usual suspect.


I was perma-banned from MacTalk. Does that carry over to here? Come on, you know you wanna…


Seriously… How do they get google search results to sometimes link to MacTalk… and sometimes link to - porn, other spamware/etc?!

I mean, that’s a really impressive fete, IMO… Click the google generated search result - get Adult Friend Finder… back-arrow to the same Google results page, and click the link again… and you get MacTalk…

I’ve never seen that before… And, have to say the new site owners must be spectacularly clever at trying to generate income by fucking everyone over… Shame they couldn’t put some of that intelligence into running the site, but hey - it’s dead to me now. It swims with fishes.


Who ARE you.


Evil. Pure, unadulterated, evil.


Same username as before. Was on MacTalk for 7 years. So I guess i’ll be here until Niche buys this one :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice to see many familiar names here.

Using same name as on mactalk forums.


Just pulling your whatsit mate after arriving over (belatedly) from Mactalk.


@oldmacs, why?

From MacTalk:

[QUOTE=Oldmacs;1222218]News will be starting up very soon again for those who want to stick around here. Its my job, I have had various family and other circumstances which have kept me from having the time over the last month.[/QUOTE]

Why work for free to make money for a company that clearly doesn’t care?

EDIT: Just making sure it’s clear I’m not criticizing - it’s a free country and people can do what they like, I’m just genuinely curious. You may know something in the background we don’t.


Hi all, same username as on mactalk. Getting the band back together! Glad someone cared enough.


Hi All,

Same username as MacTalk… I have been very very quiet for a while and only realised this new world existed the other day when I went to MTAU to see if it still existed.

I might become relatively active again!!!


Joined MacTalk on 20th November 2004, just came across this morning, same handle as before Captain_Stathi.

Site looks a lot more active compared to MacTalk, been spending most of my time in Mac Rumors over the past year.


Agree, saw the same post this morning, which made me jump across to here.