MacTalk member check-in thread


Same username. Didn’t know many from MacTalk jumped ship to here, only registered here hoping discussion of security aspects of hardware/OS/software is a safer environment as many US-based sites seem afraid of any reasonable/sensible discussion. At MacRumors got flagged for a reply on iOS & Safari security for just saying there were other known holes/exploits. Another Apple leaning US based site banned me for being pro Wikileaks & Snowden when saying if you can’t trust American(US & Canadian) developed products with potential backdoors(intercepted in shipping or gov’t insider working within a US company to plant backdoors) it’ll put doubt into any US tech product, now with the iPhone encryption debate brewing they got egg on the face & omelet on their suits :joy: :joy:


Wow. Welcome!


same username and avatar as I have on Mactalk


Same as on MacTalk (JamieD on


Hi, nice to see so many familiar names. My username is the same here.

I joined MacTalk in 2009 and think I belonged to the earlier iteration when I was living overseas. I certainly read it.

This format is a bit confusing so far but I’ll pursue it as this community has been so helpful for me in the past.

Just posted a question in the Mac forum and am looking forward to a reply as the problem has been going on for several months. Jen

(The question posted on the Mac forum has been answered!)


I just tried to follow a google link to a MacTalk page (Cube stuff) and - it wouldn’t let me proceed, as the link was not secure, owner hasn’t set something right… So - maybe Google have paid attention.

Next thought… Given the really low level of activity on MacTalk… How long til Niche pull the plug… and all of that history, all of that, in some instances, valuable Mac information, is lost?!?

The Way Back Machine isn’t a perfect copy of anything… so…

I know I’m a hoarder… not quite bad enough to go on a tv show… but digital hoarding is also a pass-time of mine… and the thought of all that data disappearing…

Wont somebody think of the children?!


If they really cared they should let someone take over the site and/or import all the past posts into a new site.


I was meant to be talking to them about the site, but last year a death in the family + family member illnesses + uni + other things stopped me from doing so and when I tried to get in contact a while back, nobody responded, so I have no idea.

I wish the vintage section posts could be somehow imported somewhere else, a lot of good resources are in that section.


Legalities aside…?

Or with a Mac solution:


Not just that - so many great articles, threads on new releases, and the camaraderie that existed… Would be good to keep an archive.


Niche don’t care about much these days, MacWorld Australia is all but dead (apparently going to a bi-monthly release schedule), the forums there need to be mothballed (despite my attempts to revive them) and MacTalk is pretty much in the same state.

No love from Niche will be the end of both i feel


I don’t know if it is because I’m in Japan, but wont even load for me.

Good news though: Appletalk showed up in my iOS News feed.


Nope, dead from here too.


And yet the mResell subsite works fine. Draw your own conclusions :wink:


Surprise level 0 , MacWorld Australia is in it’s death throes


That would be a damn shame :frowning:
It’d be easy for anyone just to dump the database and import it into a static Discourse install. That would be the very least someone could do. Just need access to the server.


Woah scrolling through this thread, seeing so many familiar usernames is a blast from the past.

I was ChillyPhilly a while back on the twitters and on MT. Wasn’t around for long, and was quite young.

Glad AppleTalk and the same community is still around!


According to movies all you need is to break in and plug in a USB stick.


Hi folks, I used to be on AppleTalk back in 2004 when I bought my first iMac (a G3 from Melbourne Uni) then a 17" PowerBook which my mother still has to this day. Anyway nice to be here and see a lot of familiar names. Its sad about MacTalk, but as someone said earlier, its the community that lives on.
Cheers, Glen


And don’t forget Angelina Jolie in Grand Central Station…