My HomePod lost its bass

Yesterday morning I asked Siri on my HomePod to add something to the shopping list. It sounded a bit tinny but I didn’t think much of it - poor wifi connection or something maybe.

But last night I asked Siri to play some music and it sounded like a shitty phone speaker! No bass at all.

I tried resetting it a few times, then unplugged it overnight and tried again this morning but it’s no different. So I’m off to the Genius Bar, and inside my 1 year warranty period by a couple of days (mind you a $500 speaker should last longer than a year).

So HomePods can lose their bass? I’ve never heard of such a thing!

Maybe the subwoofer blew up? Or internal connection problem? Might be a software issue too I suppose. The bass was never that great to begin with.

ACL coverage doesn’t automatically apply to high value accessories like it does for Macs, tablets, and phones?

I reckon it does but it’s one of those things where it’d be a bit of a battle. Maybe not in my case.

It was pretty straightforward. He ran diagnostics and asked me to play Fluctuate on it. He went out the back and listened to Fluctuate on another HomePod and said it’s very obvious.

He filled out the service report and gave me another HomePod to take home.

You still can’t beat Apple for service imo


I do have to disagree with you there. I think the bass is exceptional and was better at launch before they turned it down a bit. Different strokes I guess.