New purchases thread!


Well I still “have” imessage as I still have an ipad and a Mac both of which I have no intention of getting rid of. icloud photo library… well I’ve been using google Photos since it came out, I use all the Google services etc so switching to Android as far as that is concerned is a breeze. Using SMS and Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger pretty much covers anything I’ve lost by not having imessage on my phone so really it’s not a problem.


Fair enough. :slight_smile: And if you’re already on Google infrastructure for your services I can imagine how simple the switch would be!


I couldn’t imagine using Android! Even the flagship phones I have tried are never as smooth as iOS devices.


I switched from 6S to Galaxy S8+ and didn’t even notice a difference besides this glorious screen. Easiest switch ever. The iPhone X did not impress and I don’t like the notch.


This used to be the case. iOS 11.0-11.2.6 convinced me otherwise. At least iOS 11.3 is back to being silky smooth.


I’m here in Adelaide, pity i didnt see this earlier, I ended up returning it to the Good Guys (Gepps X Homemaker centre store) everything is there in the box. they actually have two, this one and the demo unit. both are $399 i believe but I cant swing it as my storage space is considerably limited.

they have $699 sign on the unit that was ex demo but if you need it i’ll supply the invoice as proof of the price for you.