New purchases thread!


Well I still “have” imessage as I still have an ipad and a Mac both of which I have no intention of getting rid of. icloud photo library… well I’ve been using google Photos since it came out, I use all the Google services etc so switching to Android as far as that is concerned is a breeze. Using SMS and Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger pretty much covers anything I’ve lost by not having imessage on my phone so really it’s not a problem.


Fair enough. :slight_smile: And if you’re already on Google infrastructure for your services I can imagine how simple the switch would be!


I couldn’t imagine using Android! Even the flagship phones I have tried are never as smooth as iOS devices.


I switched from 6S to Galaxy S8+ and didn’t even notice a difference besides this glorious screen. Easiest switch ever. The iPhone X did not impress and I don’t like the notch.


This used to be the case. iOS 11.0-11.2.6 convinced me otherwise. At least iOS 11.3 is back to being silky smooth.


I’m here in Adelaide, pity i didnt see this earlier, I ended up returning it to the Good Guys (Gepps X Homemaker centre store) everything is there in the box. they actually have two, this one and the demo unit. both are $399 i believe but I cant swing it as my storage space is considerably limited.

they have $699 sign on the unit that was ex demo but if you need it i’ll supply the invoice as proof of the price for you.


Two of these. Only one set up at this stage, need a new lamp base for the other, and shades for both.


Ooh nice, I have just the small white LIFX globe for now, but now that I’ve had it for a while I’m definitely keen to get those coloured ones for sure


I had a bit of a crazy period a few weeks ago where I got a Samsung Galaxy S9+ so I could have a proper play with Android. I’ve tried it a few times over the years but it’s never gone well. Now I’m kinda digging it. Also got a Qi charging magnetic mount for my car and matching shell cases for my iPhone X, S9+ and my wife’s iPhone 8. With the Samsung dual fast-charge plug for the car power socket, I am charging super quck wirelessly :slight_smile: Very pleasing indeed. Plus the cases are super thin which I love! I was never enamoured with the Apple Leather iPhone case, but it was the smallest one I could find that was also good quality.

Oh I also got a Gear VR which is pretty cool!


I wanted the daylight to dusk ones, but JB didnt have any in stock, and they were selling the coloured ones at the same price as the white. Or rather, they were selling the white at the same price as the coloured,… the price was wrong of course. If I want white (and I have decided I dont) I would buy direct from LIFX. The coloured ones can be white too, if you want. I’m really only into white to amber but it was fun playing with the other colours last night. The blues are quite pleasant. I may get white for in the kitchen when its time to replace the existing halogen.


I had no idea that JB sold LIFX, this whole time I thought it was only available direct from LIFX. That’s definitely handy to know


David Jones also sells LIFX


after 6 years in the house finally forked out for ducted aircon/heating. finally I don’t feel a hostage to Sydney’s humidity (summer and winter). no photos cause it’s in the roof. of course the 12k cost kind of hurt.


Colour me green.

When I first moved into this house I had enough to get ducted but for one reason or another which I cant remember now, I didnt. The money gradually disappeared under other “needs” or wants (mostly the latter) and now I still only have a rattly window unit.

Ducted is the only thing that makes sense, to me. The weather is only going to get hotter and hotter.


New toy


VERY nice!

I’ve lost track of the BMW retros, which particular one is that?


R Nine T scrambler



Last BMW boxer I owned had push-rod operated valves and down draft carbs.


AMD Ryzen 5 2400G APU + Motherboard and other things… I must say this processor is pretty good considering the onboard video can play some recent gaming titles even in low detail settings. Insane.


Its one of the best consoles in decades.