Poll: How many iPhones have you had?


I’ve had every model from the 3GS until my current 5S. I’m always one generation behind, second hand no less :stuck_out_tongue:

5S is still my fave so far, the size is just right for me to operate with one hand + Touch ID. My partner’s work phone is a 6, although the size is slightly too big for me to use with one hand, wouldn’t mind upgrading if there’s one within my budget. Not fussed really, still lovin’ the 5S :smile:


If your waiting for ApplePay, you could be delaying any upgrade for quite awhile.

The Aussie banks don’t really want to support ApplePay, due to the size of the cut Apple takes.

ApplePay could go the way of visual voicemail in Australia. A good ideas, but never really implemented here.

Edit: my bad, it looks like it’s just Optus who don’t support visual voicemail! So no surprise who my carrier is.


More money in my pocket. It’s the only benefit I see in moving from the 5S so unless I break the thing there’s just no good reason to upgrade.


I started with the first gen in August of 2007, didnt bother with the 3G, got the 3GS, the 4 (which I didnt keep for long), 4S and 5S. I am now staying a generation or two behind because I simply can’t afford to update even every second year, on a pension. So next year, perhaps I’ll get a 6S. I do tend to buy new, rather than second hand.


I never had the original US iPhone 1st gen phone. But I have had everything released in Australia. 3G, 3GS 4, 4S, 5, 5S and 6+. (Well technically I haven’t had a 5C (which is a 5 anyway) or an iPhone 6… but still, every generation).

I’m not quite sure if it’s me getting older or if technology has just hit a point where it really is good enough not to need the next upgrade. This time around I just can’t quite justify the price of the upgrade (but next week is another week). I still love my technology and would jump on a new phone if the price point was better, but stretching the budget without any tangible benefits is a hard ask.


All of them except 1st gen.


All of them since the 3GS. Old ones go through a family hand me down process.


3GS and 4S — both pre-loved.

I can’t bring myself to justify how much they cost (which keeps going up) with my usage. I might look for a used 6 in the next few months, as the price of them comes down (the real estate of the 6 is compelling)…


3G S
6 Plus

And about to order my 6S Plus.

I used to give them to family members as hand me downs but they’re overkill for their needs and interests in tech. And also I found I was using the resale value to justify the purchase to myself only to get nothing for it.

Obviously I’d have no issue with giving them to family members as hand me downs if they needed or wanted them but they’re just not interested.


I have had all except the first gen and 5c!


3,4 then decided to go with upgrading on the s models, so 5s, 6s plus.


Past me knows me too well :stuck_out_tongue:

Since the Discourse poll implementation has changed since Feb, let’s redo it:

  • Only one
  • A few different models
  • Almost all of them
  • All of them!

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First gen - the Jesus phone
3G - the Jesus phone on speed.
4 - the best yet
4S - the 4 was so good I had to get whatever was newer and better than it.
5S - skipped the 5, the longer screen was ridiculous. By the time the 5S came out I just couldn’t wait any longer for a new phone.
6 - the phone the 5 should have been, finally.


3G White (sold to RUSSIA)
4 White (Still own and use daily)
4 Black (Sold to an electronic store when I got my next iPhone)
5c Pink (still own)
6S Rose Gold (picked up last week!)

I don’t upgrade every cycle. In fact, I only upgrade when it seems like my phone is no longer in the even mid-range for what I want it to do. If things seem sluggish or slow, even after updating, cleaning, and tweaking, it’s time for a new one, and the old one goes to something else. My iPhone 4 is still my backup and world phone, but it’s also my most-of-the-time dedicated car audio system.

I haven’t figured out what I’m doing with the 5c yet, or if I might just sell it.


Am I the only Appletalk member who hasn’t had one?


Not counting replacements, I’ve had 7.

I got the iPhone 3G outright from this random iPhone reseller/repair shop in 2009 with the help of Rudd’s $900 and $100 of my well earned cash.

In 2010 I had been following the rumours closely and decided to take the plunge and got the iPhone 4 on contract.

The rest is history, I’ve been re-contracting every year since to get the latest model. No regrets.


I’ve bought every version since the 3G on launch day, except for the 6s. Having forked out for a MacBook 12" and Apple Watch this year, I decided to choose the new Apple TV over the latest iPhone as my final Apple purchase (other than the new keyboard and trackpad). I figured it’s time to get off the 12 monthly upgrade cycle so I’ll wait for the 7…at least that’s what I continue to tell myself.


I got a 3GS in 2012, used it till a friend passed on their 4 to me in 2013, had that till a family member needed a new phone, so I bought a second hand 5 and still have that. I still use the 3GS as my 5 is only 16 GB and doesn’t fit my music.

Will probably get a 5S at some stage and use it till it dies/is no longer supported then no more iPhones for me.


Not counting a jailbroken 3G I bought out of curiosity (and never actually used as a phone), I’ve had 6. Bought a used 4 in early 2011 and gotten the new one each September after that, despite vowing to wait for next year nearly every time.


Only the 6s missing from my line up so far… and the 5c but i had a 5s instead