Sep 2018 Preorder Thread


Ok, here’s the preorder thread.

I pre-ordered via Apple site at 5.05 pm:

iPhone XS 256 Gold
iPhone XS Max 512 Black
Apple Watch 4 Gold SS 44mm

For delivery Friday 21 Sep.

Total cost is over $6k!!! Apple products are getting expensive.

But I’m excited!

Anyone else preordered?


Yep. iPhone XS 256GB Gold here.


After convincing myself I’d make do with a 256Gb Xr at the last minute I changed my mind.

I’ve got a reservation at Highpoint for 21 September -:

iPhone XS 256Gb Space Grey.


Just added Apple Watch series 4 (GPS) 44mm Space Grey Aluminium case with Black Sport loop.

(for delivery, I couldn’t work out how to add the watch for pick up at the same time as the phone or maybe I was just too slow with the watch so the date got pushed out for that

  • delivery 27/09/18 to 03/10/18)

My bank account has taken a bit more of a hit than I’d budgeted for sigh


XS Max 64gb space grey. Delivery 21st.

It still has 21st as delievery for all iPhones.


If I had the money I’d definitely be preordering a new AppleWatch, they look amazing!


Apple Watch Series 4 in Stainless Steel 44mm with white sport band here.

Umm-d and ahhh-d over regular stainless vs space black, but a) I already have the bands for a regular stainless (mostly aftermarket), and b) while I think the space black SS has a very cool technical/distinctive look about it, the regular stainless has this classic, timeless look about it that makes it go with just about anything.


I went with the Black stainless steel series 4 . Worried the regular SS would show any scratching more clearly.


I went for the 64gb SG Xs Max - pickup next Friday. Not sue I need anything bigger in GBs.

Now to sell the X.


Very jealous!

What Apple Watch did you come from?


Series 0 Stainless Steel. It was about time for an upgrade, and boy, what an upgrade.


I thought you already had a Space Black Stainless Steel S3 as per the other topic?

Edit: wait, nevermind. Just re-read your post.


Oh wow yeah it will be a big upgrade. I personally have a Series 1, but I’ve heard the Series 0 is so slow!


64gb Xs Max Space Grey for me!


Oh wow the Watch I wanted (Space grey 44mm GPS) has already blown out to 3-4 weeks!


Skipped the phones but ordered a watch. 40mm Stainless Gold S4 w/ sport band for me.


I thought the fall detection made it a worthwhile upgrade from the S3. I have MS so balance can sometimes be a challenge.


I was going to try an resist but it didn’t happen. Ordered an iPhone XS Max 256gb in white and sliver, and a Apple Watch Series 4 44mm stainless steel with white band to match.

Now all I need to do is sell my iPhone X and Apple Watch series 3.


THats part of the reason I will upgrade from my Series 1. I don’t have a diagnosed disorder but my balance sucks and I have had a few falls over the past year (getting old sucks, too) and fall detection could be a lifesaver.


I thought about it and decided to buy my first Apple Watch…

Apple Watch Series 4 (GPS), 44‑mm Space Grey Aluminium Case with Black Sport Band


Anyone had any shipment notifications for 21/09/2018 delivery?, Both my apple watches are still at “Preparing to Ship” and the credit card pre auth has dropped off.