Sep 2018 Preorder Thread


Mine’s still saying ‘preparing to ship’ but my credit card was charged for the full price on the 15th…


Thanks for the info :slight_smile: My credit card auth went on the 14th just after submitting my order via ApplePay. I have never placed a launch day order before and its an interesting on how this all works compared to when I have ordered a BTO or when I got my watch from China last year. Cant wait to get my new toy :smiley:


I went for in store pickup the I pre-ordered and was charged on the day. :slight_smile:


Does anyone have any idea if I’ll be able to go into an Apple Store on Saturday and pick up a Series 4?


Depends on color / style I’d guess. But I’d be there early Friday if you want to be sure!


Optus advised that my pre-order was on hold (XS Max + Watch) because the watch wasn’t available. They can’t split the order so it’s all or nothing.

In the background I kept wondering if I really needed to upgrade the 8 Plus and 3rd gen cellular watch and came to the conclusion that it’s probably wasn’t worth it for my use case, despite the relatively low monthly cost of the upgrade. Short version is I have cancelled my pre-order and will just get my wife her new XS and be done for now. I’,m sure I will be able to walk into a store and pick one up in a couple of weeks anyway if I change my mind.

Her phone should be delivered by Optus tomorrow fingers crossed so I’ll still get to play with a new toy… or at least watch someone playing with it. She’s pretty excited to be upgrading from a 6S, mostly for the new camera.

I might change my mind again after I touch hers and I’m still very tempted by the watch (and a colleague has ordered one of those so I can touch that too soon enough).


Woo! Just got my shipping notification for my pre-order.

Sadly I won’t be able to play with my new Apple Watch until tomorrow evening, but I look forward to the lengthy setup process. Not sure yet if I want to carry across my existing watch face setups or just start fresh…


I haven’t pre-ordered so probably should keep out of this thread, but I’m pondering if JB Hi-Fi will have series 4 watches tomorrow (I have $400 in JB gift cards thanks to a recent Telstra port-in promo)


Fresh start I reckon. Maybe screenshot your favourite faces to recreate them. No baggage then (if there is any on watches that is)


Just received the shipment notification too. I’m at home tomorrow so hopefully can set it up straight away.

Maybe as the watch 4 has blu-tooth 5 the downloading info from the phone may be faster?


I’m probably going to keep my Series 1 for when I’m working in the garden etc. or doing something I don’t want to ding up my new stainless one for, so I’ll set up as a second watch in the App which supports it. I’ve previously had multiple watches at the same time and it works really well.


And the watch is here.:grinning:

now comes the “fun part”

And the box is different to earlier versions. Does Apple do this for any particular reason; to differentiate series, to save shipping costs or just because they can?


Loving the watch so far. Set up as a new one with my old band (still sad Apple won’t release a brown sport band!).

FAAAAST compared to the Series 1 I was coming from.


Are you finding installing apps is really slow. It did a fresh install, which was less than 15 minutes. However installing some previously purchased apps is taking forever. The Apple Store app won’t even start to load. Maybe Apple servers are being slammed yet again


I don’t use apps on Watch… :man_shrugging:


Got my XS Max today and went to the Chermside Apple Store and picked up an S4 Watch! Everything is amazing!


Yeah, apps are installing really slowly for me. This wouldn’t be so much of a problem if I could do something else, but I can’t even setup Watch faces without my favourite complications, so looks like I’ll have to wait.

Just unboxed my new shiny Series 4, and besides apps installing really slowly, it is incredible. I’m almost in disbelief at how big of an upgrade this is from a Series 0, although that’s probably to be expected given how many generations I’ve just jumped.

Interesting to note that although the Series 4 is thinner than the previous gen, the Series 0/1 are still thinner (10.7mm for Series 4, 10.5mm for Series 0). Side-by-side it’s easy to notice the difference, but I suspect I’ll get used to the extra 0.2mm thickness.

The overall size, on the other hand, might take a little more to get used to, and although I’m a fan of larger watches, any larger would would probably start to enter uncomfortable territory.


Again, didn’t preorder, but I’ve decided I’m going to grab a Series 4 44mm Watch tomorrow- assuming there’s still stock kicking around at JB. I forgot to take the gift cards into work with me today. Such a sucker for marketing. I don’t need it. Now I just need to decide if stainless is worth the extra few hundred…


I upgraded from a Series 0 too - the difference is absolutely incredible! I am not used to things loading instantly on my wrist :sweat_smile:


I upgraded from a Series 0 last year to a Series 3 and again today to a Series 4 and the difference between the 3 and 4 is amazing. Love the larger screen. Can’t wait to try it at the gym tomorrow.