Sep 2018 Preorder Thread


Apps still hadn’t installed overnight, so I rebooted both phone + watch and now apps install in seconds. Worth a shot if you’re still having issues :+1:


I preordered the 512gb gold iPhone XS. Because of a mistake Telstra made, I’ll be waiting for who knows how long to get my phone for the first time since ever owning an iPhone in 2009. Not happy.


I would be heavily expressing that to Telstra. Who knows they might actually give you something to go away.


Cancel order and go to AppleStore? They can do Telstra contracts can’t they?


I have but they don’t seem willing at this point. Really disappointed.

They can, however I’d still have same issue as now because I’d have to start the whole process again and go to back of queue


Try at 6am each day.

A Twitter account called @rh_monitorAU used to tweet availability as it happened, but I’m not sure it is anymore.

Still, a good way to skip the queue.


I was at the Chermside Apple Store on Saturday afternoon around 2pm and there was no queue and people were getting iPhones and leaving with them pretty quick. Give it a go, you may be surprised!


Unfortunately Apple stores don’t do ‘re-contracting/new phone feeling/swap assure’ 12 months into a contract. Last I checked with Apple, they only do new contracts at the end of the 24 months


Yes they do, I reserved a phone for pickup for my sister and she did new phone feeling (Telstra) at the Apple Store when she went to collect it


Yes they do, I did it last year with my 8 Plus halfway into a 7 Plus contract.