The Doctor Who Thread


I honestly don’t know, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find out though.

I generally watch Dr Who on a 4K 60 inch TV and I stream content in a mix of Full HD and increasingly 4K and I guess I’ve become accustomed to the extra definition because SD looks fuzzy to me now.


Just watched the first ep on iView… loved it. She’s going to be great :slight_smile:


Some stream of consciousness stuff whilst it’s fresh…

Loved the longer format, which I feel allowed for the story to be much better fleshed out (even with a lot of stuff going!), not to mention giving us a good bit of character building.

Loved that characters died, and there was no “Everybody lives” - even when it was Graham’s wife. Knowing ahead of time that she was not one of the new companions, I figured at first she’d just “not go with them”… then when she said “Is it wrong to be loving this” - her end was clear… and brilliant! For me, this has hopefully set up the new era as being one where there is some real threat again that’s sorely been lacking since the series was rebooted.

The Doctor: We’re all capable of the most incredible change. We can evolve whilst still staying true to who we are. We could honour who we’ve been, and choose who we want to be next.

Little tip - that line wasn’t meant for the alien…

New sonic… nice change from the TARDIS just popping one up.

New clothes… Fun scene, but without being a huge deal. Love that they were in a thrift store! :slight_smile:

No intro theme music - That’s a first for Doctor Who, btw. The end music, when it finally arrived, certainly felt like a reasonable retake on Grainer’s score. The visuals looked vaguely howl-around.

I think the new music director has done a pretty good job overall - there were a few scenes where the music felt a little obtrusive but not so much that it got in the way. Other times it was really bang on great addition to build the atmosphere.

SFX - Are they using someone new? The episode had a vastly different feel to it compared to previous years, IMO.

The real question (for me) however is - did I accept Whitaker as the Doctor? It’s a question I’ve been sweating since the reveal, being an anal 40+ year old stick in the mud.

Let’s say - it was on the tip of my tongue; and I am excited to see what comes next.


I really enjoyed the first episode, Jodie Whittaker’s energy and style reminded me in some ways of what I enjoyed so much about Tom Baker. She’s got some of the same feel :slight_smile:


Agreed - plus a smidge of David Tennant as well


Yes he was very high energy also…


Nothing I saw in Ep1 screamed out that Whittaker isn’t The Doctor. Win!.

I do always reserve judgment because I kinda liked Eccleston but ended up not quite ‘getting’ him, and tennant was a bit annoying in his intro but I thought he’d do - and he turned into one of my faves. Matt Smith really clicked with me from day 1 but went a bit wandery in his last two seasons. Capaldi… was good, even great, and some episodes were the best of Who but there’s was just a little thing missing.

I think that thing missing was seeing Whittaker take over, and it made Capaldi’s turn fall into place all the more. I like to see each Doctor as a bit of a theme post time-war. Eccleston was still hurt and raw, tennant was the goofball trying to deal, and smith a continuation of that. Capaldi actually faced The Doctor’s demons head on, and came out better for it.

And I think Whittaker is now back to something close to McGann as much as anyone else. A little Troughton silly, some Smith mania, but McGann’s (sometimes sad) but kind and joyful doctor. At least, from the movie and a couple of audio stories I’ve experienced.


I think whimsy is the word thus far for Whitaker…

playfully quaint or fanciful behaviour or humour.

Yes, that’s it. Playful. But not without the ability to… ahh, well, I actually didn’t think she turned on “serious” enough at the end, though I guess she went close. Tennant’s ability to turn on a dime with his own whimsy, then deadly serious - quite liked that.

Interesting comparison to McGann… I think I can see that, too.


For those unaware… There’s a YouTube channel that make “Honest Trailers” for movies & tv shows… And they’ve recently done both old and new Doctor Who…




SPOILER - The new Doctor Who title sequence… just broadcast a few hours ago in the UK - and to air in Oz when Ep2 premieres on ABC tonight…

I’m blown away. Absolutely love it! Ok, it’s missing the face that us puritans like to see, but otherwise - it harks back in so many ways to the old days, whilst being completely fresh - both audio and visual!


Its up on iview now


I’m someone who despite my age, only caught bits and pieces of earlier Doctor Who. I’m also an American, and while I grew up knowing what Doctor Who was, it was never as popular as Star Trek, or even the original Battlestar Galactica. Perhaps it was more popular than Space: 1999!

That said, I was intrigued by the return and I believe I was working during the American premiere of Eccleston, so I had my mother tape it. I liked the concept. I adored Rose. I knew none of the background and everything was a mystery to me. I did not like Eccleston, but having no knowledge of previous doctors, I figured this may have been intentional. Perhaps Eccleston was an anti-hero, and I wasn’t supposed to like him.

For me, I became a “fan” as soon as I saw the chemistry between Tennant and Piper as Ten and Rose. At that point, the tenth doctor became “my” doctor. As much as I liked Rose, to me, Ten and Rose are the pair that worked. I didn’t really care so much what they were doing (I’m not a fan in the sense I care about the world-building at all, I don’t), as long as they were it doing together.

Ten without Rose was tolerable. Rose without Ten and I wasn’t interested. I saw a few episodes of Smith’s doctor and stopped watching. I have never seen an episode of Capaldi’s doctor. I followed Tennant to Broadchurch and Whitaker back to Doctor Who, so I am watching again. Whitaker has a bit of the Doctor I like that reminds me Tennant (but also a bit of Smith).

The question is going to be will Whitaker’s doctor stand up alone, or will her portrayal hinge on her relationships with companions. Given the fact that out of all of the “New” Who I’ve seen, I could only really stay focused on Ten and Rose, together, as a unit, we shall have to see.

Clearly, I am far closer to “casual viewer” than “fan” of Doctor Who, and if asked if I am a fan, I think I typically just say I’m a fan of Ten and leave it at that.

This is what Doctor Who is to me:



I’ve probably posted it before… But @kionon - here is my fan edit of Doomsday’s finale:


Well, I was expecting a big audience… Not sure I expected that big.


I’m not surprised. Whittaker’s Doctor, the announcement and concept, made a lot of waves in discussions about girls’ interest in SciFi (and in STEM). I remember some discussion, as an example, on the twitter account of the Girl Scouts USA about the considerable influence a female doctor (especially one played by such a superb actress as Whittaker) could have on girls.

In addition to all the people, male or female (or non-binary, although ratings probably don’t take this into account) who would have tuned in to a new doctor anyway, there are clearly women and girls who tuned in because of a female doctor. I came back to the franchise after essentially skipping Smith and Capaldi partly because of the combination of female doctor and Whittaker specifically (whom I already loved as an actress in Broadchurch and a couple of other productions I saw from the UK). This, I think, is why you see the majority moved to female.


Its not getting such great ratings. Millions may have watched but as for liking it… mmmmm. not so much. Well, I like her. Second ep lost a bit for me, but I expect it to pick up. I would also expect that when the Doctor regenerates next time, “it” will be male again. There is so much resistance to the change, its really amazing to me. People who are otherwise not sexist or gender biased, hating it before they even see it. Incredible.


The appreciation score was “84.” That’s a B! I liked the second episode more than the launch episode, actually. I expect when the Doctor regenerates, the Doctor will be non-white, but yes, probably male. Idris Elba has been mentioned. I also think a South Asian Doctor would be very in line with the current make-up of the UK. I mean, we have Yaz as a South Asian companion, but I think a South Asian Doctor makes a lot of sense.

If you oppose a female doctor based solely on the concept of a female doctor, you are sexist/gender-biased. There’s so much resistance to change because there are a lot of fanboys who might as well have put a “No Girls Allowed” sign on fandom, and thus, on the existence of the Doctor. This is found in a lot of fandoms. Comics especially. I have zero tolerance for this nonsense.


yeah the second episode didn’t really gel with me, it felt a little lost - I hope they get better but as with Capaldi its the writing that will let the actor down.


Yes, 1st episode I enjoyed but the 2nd one was slow and a bit derivative IMHO.

Nothing against the acting (which was good), just the story was about a C in my book where as the 1st Episode was about a B+.


For the curious, Paarl Rock in South Africa is where the ghost monument stood. I’d like to know where the beach ruins are.