The new Apple TV


Uflix gives bbciplayer access


No link to ATV apps, but this:

As above, BBC will work if you’re using a smart dns service


The SBS app has a fairly sizeable film collection, not all quality but some interesting stuff in there. It’s also much nicer to use than their PS4 app.

BBC iPlayer’s picture quality is incredible. Just don’t get your hopes up about content; its primary function is as a catch-up service, so you’ll only find stuff that’s been on TV in the last couple of weeks.


Does the bbc app so live streaming too? Thinking for F1 practice and qualifying for the few races they still cover…


Yep, they live-stream too. :slight_smile:


Much nicer and smoother than their Samsung app, too!


I love the “surprise me” button. I wish Netflix had that!


Ooh, just noticed the Plus7 app on the App Store. We’re getting there aren’t we!?


Ohhh excellent. Waiting for iView. I hope it’s not like Waiting for Godot.


Plus7 has possibly the worst selection of TV I’ve ever seen.


Picked up an ATV4 on Friday.

Set up was a bit of a nuisance. Installed Plex, Netflix, YouTube, SBS On Demand, Plus7 and Ten Play. Anything else worth while?


I only want it for Agents of Shield.


Not really. I’ve also installed BBC iPLayer (need UK iTUnes) and from the US store, NBC and History. Not much worthwhile on those though. Also installed Showtime but Probably won’t do more than the free trial, ditto for a couple of others.

For me, it’s not a games machine. I can’t see the point of it. Entertainment yes, the rest is wasted on me.


Got fed up and deleted Asphault 8 lol. Reason being I spent $80 on tokens during their thanksgiving sale, because it was the best deal with the intention of those tokens lasting me a few months. They lasted about 3 weeks. I know that’s the entire point of freemium games but quitting now before it becomes a problem.

It also frees up some more of my time to focus on other things (like photography) since it was the most time consuming game that I play.


Are you still into the controller though? I might grab one today if I’m feeling impulsive.

Have you played Oceanhorn?


I haven’t played oceanhorn, worth it? Controller’s definitley worth getting.


I’m really liking it. It’s a Legend of Zelda clone, so if you’ve ever played one of those you’ll know. An isometric puzzle/adventure game


I’m still just using it for entertainment. I’ve now added Watch ABC to my ATV4, and am finding no issues watching shows on that without needing membership to something. Currently into Quantico, and just finished S3 of Agents of Shield (that is, whatever is available. Not sure if there’s more to come in the New year)


Got it! It really does turn the ATV into a legitimate console. For $95 those bastards should have included a lightning cable though!


Is there not some cheap-ass controller available?