The new Apple TV


Is that what they’re called? I did not know that, I’ve always called them dog bones :smiley:


Technically it’s an IEC-C7

International Electrotechnical Commission sets the standards, hence IEC.

If you’re interested you can go here and see the different plugs (at the wall end around the world):
Then click on each to see where it’s used (We are Type I here in Australia).

For the other end of most household stuff you can read up on here:

Did you know the duck head off your MacBook charger (or early iPhone charger) is just a C7 plug so you can use it on a battery charger or other AC adaptor that uses that type (maybe an issue of it being rigid and all, but in a pinch. :smiley:

Also, you can use a standard C7 cable if you’re missing a duckhead for your MacBook (or old iPhone charger). Usually you can find one floating around if you’re in a foreign country and as long as your adaptor will accept the local voltage (which most decent electronics do these days) you can plug it in.

…all the things you never knew you wanted to know!..


I used a Harmony for years. And then we got Tivo which could control the tv fine by itself. So used it less. Then we got a new TV and bluray player (both Samsung). The bluray player and tv remote can turn each other off, including controlling the receivers (Pioneer) volume and turning it on and off. Ie anytime you turn the tv off, it will switch off the others. Even our WiiU has a TV remote feature that will change the input on the TV and switch the whole lot including the receiver off. I keep eying off the newer very expensive Harmonys but can’t find a real use for them. The Apple ATV2 we have is pretty much the only thing that doesn’t play well in that scenerio but its a tiny remote or I use my phone remote app.


These will not work with the Apple TV. I bought some with the intention of having a switch for my ATV2, but they are too large and you can’t connect it to the ATV (as the HDMI port is in the way). I do use it for my PS3 though.


Good to know!

We need a C7 plug with an inline switch about 1" behind the plug so it’s nice and accessible.


I use WIWO wifi switches for my Thunderbolt display and AppleTV (both have no on/off switches) to turn them on and off using my iPhone.


Those things are pretty cool, but my needs have been more about resetting things more easily or turning them on/off without crawling behind something else.

For example we use for the Christmas lights making turning them on/off much easier than crawling behind the tree:

and I note these are on special at the moment too on runout:

But for us we have limited need for these things, standby power draw is pretty low (and out stuff is used pretty often anyway). There is also no (or far less) waiting when things come out of standby so the cost/complexity of setting it up vs any power savings are pretty low.


Hey could you please take some photos of how this looks in reality with the Australian channels? This might be something I look at this year if the FTA channels don’t offer live streaming in their apps.


I loved mine at first but now I’m over it. Buggy as all hell. Last night I couldn’t stream iTunes purchased content. No explanation, my internet connection was fine. Couple of reboots and it worked. Then about 15 minutes in, the video froze and the audio kept playing. A couple of reboots and it wouldn’t stream content again.

Never had any of these issues with the ATV 2 or 3. Not to mention activating seek every time I do much as look at the Siri remote.



Check out these vids from youtube, it will give you an idea how it looks & works…

It doesn’t look any different to what these vids show…I must add the HD channels look way better than the SD channels though.

Not much diff between actual TV tuner & Network Tuner it does a pretty good job (unless you’re a videophile, you’ll notice)

I’ll try get sum pics up over the weekend for you to check out.



Problems above were with my bedroom Apple TV. Flicked on the downstairs one, it’s just as bad.


I have used a Master/Slave power board for this situation. The one I have has got a master GPO with 3 slave GPOs & 2 standard GPOs. My TV is connected to the master, Receiver & a few other peripherals on the slave with the ATV on the standard GPO. I switch on ATV, this switches the TV on via CEC & rest come on via the slave outlets…& boom…MAGIC, lol!!! One remote switches everything on…


Channel 9 has launched its live streams, but they’re just for Channel 9 right now and I think Gem, Go and Life are coming soon.

I’ve uploaded an Xcode file with a side loadable ATV app here:

The app is currently set with the stream for Brisbane, so make sure you change it to your capital city with one of the following urls:



Damned if I am going to pay a premium for something I already get for free. Seriously guys… You don’t want to press the buttons to get you back to regular TV? You worry me.


We’ve had this conversation before:

Obviously I didn’t buy an Apple TV to side load my own FTA tv apps, buts it’s certainly a nice value-add to the apps and games that are available on the system while we wait for official apps from the FTA networks, and I’m simply sharing what I did for my own personal use with others that might see the value in it also.


Seems like my memory is letting me down more than ever.


Since the author had a change of heart and advertised his project at whirlpool I don’t see any harm with sharing it with you guys either. It’s called Antenna, and it’s a single Xcode project that contains all the currently available FTA streams:

This is much easier than launching one Xcode file per channel.


Fantastic… thanks very much mate, really helpful !


One of the things they need to add is surfacing new episodes of TV Shows you’ve purchased. Even when a new episode is available and shows in the carousel, clicking on it just loads the TV Shows store…doesn’t take you to the ep or even the series.

I wish they’d just buy Plex and roll that interface in to the media apps…or at the very least, switch the focus from the TV Shows app from store, to your existing library.


Nooooooooooooooooo. I hope this never happens!
I like Plex just how it is thanks :slight_smile: