The new Apple TV


Considering purchasing a HDHomerun Connect and making the ATV4 the centrepiece of my setup - how’s the end-user experience with Channels app?
Roughly equivalent to using a typical set-top box or inbuilt tuner?
Thinking of the less technically-minded who would need to use it.


If you use apple products all time then you will have no trouble at all navigating around the app. If you don’t then it’s quite easy to use, once you get the gist of it. The app only has 3 tabs (sections): On Now, TV guide & Settings. You can have multiple HDHomeruns on the network and it picks them all up. My kids have no trouble using it & the in-laws have used it without any issues.
IMHO, I think it’s the best app for HDHomerun for Apple products by far. Another reason I like the app is that it’s also supported on iOS and not many (good) apps are made for the HDHomerun on iOS.
I’ve had this app since it was released a bit over a year ago now & it pretty much was the missing link I was after for ATV with the ability to watch live TV, along side of Infuse app for my movies.

In regards to purchasing an HDHomerun Connect (HDHR4), I’d be combing Gumtree & eBay to see if you can pick one up on the cheap. I picked up my 2nd HDHR4 for $90 off Gumtree. Alternatively, check out, I’ve seen them on special a few times for $150 including postage.


Hey, I found this vid on youtube…it actually highlights the beta dvr function however, that aside, you should be able to see how the app operates on the ATV.

Check it out here:

…and this:


I remembered I had a USB TV Tuner dongle lying about, so I spent a little time yesterday setting up TVHeadend on a Raspberry Pi and have installed the TvhClient app - seems to do most of what I need with the free version, the $8 IAP enables more functionality as well.

Not a bad result for a couple of hours of time and some bits I already had on hand! Performance isn’t quite what I’d expect from a device such as HDHomerun but it’s a suitable proof of concept for the wife :grin:


I’m pretty sure you can use the Hdhr with that same setup instead of a USB tuner as welll.
Im guessing the Rpi is good for streaming most stuff but how does it go with FHD, 4K or Blu-ray content, can it handle it?


Correct, tvheadend can be used with a HDHomeRun as well.
I’m only using the Pi as a server to stream the feed from the USB tuner to the client, and to act as a dvr. All other content is served by my Mac mini Plex server.


Have you tried the Plex tv tuner/dvr that they released last month? Maybe that’s probably the best way to go, considering you have Plex server set up already on a mac mini. At least the mac mini could handle everything in one set up. That would be a better all in one solution I guess. Then all you would need is the Plex app on your phone, smart tv, ATV or Rpi to access.


So Carpool Karaoke is now on Apple TV.

Whether or not you liked the show, I’m sure you’ll agree that Apple Music was a weird place to put it. It’s a step in the right direction, putting their video content in the TV app.