Wow! Apple Retail fed square!


I also think it’s a completely different kind of ugly to the rest of Fed Square, but I’d guess the architects have quite different views. I’d love to know more about the design and how they think it relates to its environment.


Somehow I expect Apple simply had the design on plans before they even thought about where it was going…

I do think it is bad that it’s encroaching on public space, unless part of their agreement is that they will actually be contributing to the local events either in the remaining outside spaces, or even within the building. I’m not sure how that fits with Apple’s usual approach to their flagship stores.


Well done, protestors. You still have a retail store in Federation Square but it’s now a floating grey box instead of a unique architectural design.

This is the worst of both worlds. Neither side won here.


Not as good a result as retaining the existing precinct untouched but a HUGE improvement over the original proposal.

I’ll take ‘bland grey box’ over ‘barf inducing monstrosity’ any day :slight_smile:


To be honest the building Apple proposed looked better suited to Matsudo not Melbourne. However, the modernist grey box isn’t much better either. Apple does better when they’re bestowed a space to renovate rather than creating a space of their own.

It also doesn’t flow with the rest of the postmodernist look of Fed Square when you’re on the ground and particularly the SBS building. Nor do its consumers I suppose either.


The new design is MUCH better IMHO. I actually like it quite a lot. So glad they listened to feedback on this!! (Given how rare it is for Apple to admit they were wrong!)


The new design is a boring monstrosity, but it’s totally in character with Federation Square, boring and ugly.

At least the original design had some character, but now you get what Melbourne apparently wants, blandness.


You know ‘that face has character’ is another way of saying ‘ugly’… right?


I liked the original design too. Federation Square at its core was about juxtaposition and the original design continued that, which is probably why the Square’s designer was on board with it. The new design has basically taken a grey box that could be any building in the city and marched it across the street, plopping it on Federation Square. It’s less of a juxtaposition and more of an encroachment of the city into the Square.


You probably like discordant music too don’t you?

Despite many many years of classical music training I STILL can’t abide it.

And the original building caused the same gut dislike with me.


Probably the design Apple wanted all along, its more consistent with their other standalone stores. They just played the public space gatekeepers who like controversy to bloviate about at their dinner parties with a ‘controversal’ design, so they would approve a retail store there.
Then Apple just waited for the unwashed to complain enough in order to get up the design they really wanted for their already approved retail activity.

Well played.


OI! I had a shower this morning you servant of chaos :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Meanwhile I predict that Debenhams in St Collins Lane Basement (where the Apple Store should have been, IMHO) will close it’s doors before the Apple Store even opens. What a pointless ridiculous waste of space that place is.