Wow! Apple Retail fed square!


Some years ago I had dealings with a tech distributor who also handled Apple products.

Although I could see wholesale pricing I wasn’t able to actually buy anything, as you had to be an authorised Apple reseller to do so.

What was surprising was how little markup there was on products. The iPod Shuffle wholesale buy price was $1 less than RRP.

I’m guessing the drawcard for stores like Myer et al is although Apple products don’t generate much revenue, they do bring in foot traffic - in theory. That said most people probably don’t think of Myer when buying Apple (or tech in general); instead Apple direct or perhaps JB Hifi.

To be honest I think stores like Myer still do have a place, however their practices aren’t working. Last time I visited Myer to buy something (kitchen appliance) it took me a good 20 minutes to find a staff member to pay for it. That’s not the Myer of old.



The problem with Department stores in Australia is lack of Staff. When you go into Department stores in other countries (eg Japan) staff fall over themselves and each other to ask if you need assistance. In Myer Melb CBD for instance, it can be hard to even find staff particularly on the upper floors. The only floor Myer seems to care about is Ground with all the makeup etc, which is obviously a cash cow, no doubt all that stuff is marked up to billio.

EDIT I’ve been meaning to upgrade the battery in my 2013 Macbook Pro, but keep putting it off due to having to travel out to the bloody Apple Store (twice! I know they probably won’t do it on the spot).



I made an appointment for a new battery replacement before I went to the store. Then it took about an hour.



aaaaand that’s a wrap! Fed square no more? :confused:




Can’t say I’m upset…



Me either to be honest, and if most Apple Fans aren’t upset then it’s unlikely too many of the general public are. IMO there are better locations.

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Ridiculous decision in one respect. Knocking the building down is one issue.

Knocking the building down and building an Apple store pagoda is a different issue.

If Apple wait long enough, the Myer building in the Bourke St mall might get vacated.



+1. It’s an excellent outcome.

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That that eyesore got heritage listed discredits heritage listings.

Oh, wait. Heritage listings are already a political vehicle, and thus a joke.



You’d love it here in Brisbane. Heritage is just the name of a bank and nothing more





As I recall, the tosser politicians in Brisbane “heritage listed” 38,000 VJ walled houses. 38,000!
If I ever inherited a heritage listed house, I reckon it would be destined for the failing country pub solution.

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I do wonder if they have a Plan B somewhere or if we will just be stuck with no store in city for another 10 years.

At the moment I feel like Doncaster and Chadstone are sort of out of the way and I’d settle for a new store in the refurbished (and huge) Eastland at Ringwood. That’s close enough to me and somewhere I could actually jump off the train on the way home from work if I needed to. Box Hill would be another option, although Eastland is much bigger and much newer and fits the Apple style alot more (IMO).



Joh and the Deen Brothers. Quite a formidable combination.



Not quite sure it is actual heritage listing, but certainly the pre-war homes in the nearer suburbs can’t be demolished easily. There is a demo guy that “specialises” in removing them, he just charges more than the rather paltry fine that he receives for doing it.



It’s long been my belief that many of those who are against the idea are those who don’t want it simply because it’s Apple. I question if we’d be seeing the same degree of opposition if it were any other major company, such as McDonald’s or Tesla.



Most of the people I’ve spoken to about it basically said “it doesn’t match the existing buildings that are there” or “the style clashes”.

I’m in that group too and I don’t care if it was McDonalds wanting to build an non-matching building or Pizza Hut wanting to build an non-matchingbuilding I’d still object (and that first design was really out of place, the second one wasn’t much better).

If a company wants to build another building then it MUST match the style of the existing buildings.

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In other words, the building must be as atrociously fugly as the existing buildings… best thing they could do with that square is knock down all the buildings and create a proper green space