Your Photography Thread


Yay you got it. It’s a bit invisible when you pull it down, you have to trust it happens.

Very nice MM. Was it a BW last time?


You wouldn’t believe me if I showed you the original picture. Created a mirror image and then had to make it look like it wasn’t a mirror by modifying a lot of the clouds etc while removing the boats and mountains from the horizon. It didn’t take that long to edit but I probably didn’t do as good a job as I could have.


Great work. The original photo is quite awesome too!


The left side was a little busy where as the clean lines seem to work better. I had another version where I kept more of the sky but I’m not sure which I prefer.


Nice work MM.


Ugh! Wrong image and now it won’t let me edit it.

Meant to upload this one.


World War 3 broke out at our house today


Gorgeous kids! They are growing so fast!


First image I’ve edited in Lightroom,

Best looking image I could get out of Photos. No comparison :frowning:


Lightroom is way way way ahead of Photos. TBH I think even iPhoto is way ahead because at least you can define an external editor. I don’t like Apple’s shutting out of the usual suspects.

Nice shot, BTW, and yes, the Lightroom edit is much better.


Yeah, lightroom version is way better although I think as you get more experience on lightroom you will find your ability to improve these kinds of images will grow.

Have a look at the graduated filter functionality in lightroom. It’s quite easy to apply for these kinds of photos.


Took this using my 45mm f1.8 prime. This is quickly becoming my favourite lens.


And then, there’s iPhoneography. I like to use the Hipstamatic app though I remain unimpressed with its later “improved” versions.


It was a beautiful sunset last night, was in Adelaide for a few nights and now back in Melbourne :sunglasses:


Took my girls out yesterday to have some fun with the camera and my spare body. Despite their short attention span, they seemed to be pretty good with the whole thing and I got some decent photos out of it


Lovely set, as always.


very photogenic MM. Lovely memories.



Someone in our apartment block had a puppy today so took my two girls to play with it.


What a cutie. What breed is that?


Looks like a Shi’tzu (?sp)

And I am pretty chuffed with my new refurb Panasonic LX100. I’m still bumbling my way round the camera, trying to find its limits.