2021 iPhone 13/ Apple Watch 7 preorder thread

So… who’s getting what?

I’m getting both.

And btw, when can you preorder and when do they arrive?


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iPhone is a very small incremental upgrade from the previous gen. But I will likely grab it as my old man needs an upgrade from his iPhone 7. Definitely going for the Pro model due to the Pro Motion display.

The watch i’ll get later this year to replace my Series 3 watch. I can hardly believe they still sell the Series 3. I am upgrading due to how bad the experience is with it currently. Having to wipe the watch to update watchOS is annoying. And I am finding it regularly drops connection with my phone now as well.

iPhone pre-order is tomorrow. :tada: Watch delayed ordering.

Edit: Make that Friday. Got ahead of myself with all the excitement! :joy:

I’m pretty shocked at that one as well… If that’s how bad WatchOS 7 is on it, how much worse is Watch OS8 going to be? and I assume it will get WatchOS 9 as well :open_mouth:

I’m on the fence about pre-ordering. I have an iPhone 11 Pro currently, and while I think the flat-edge design of the iPhone 12 and now the 13 is the best design out of all of the iPhones so far (closely followed by my current iPhone 11 Pro), I’m hesitant for a few reasons:

  • no mmWave 5G for the Australian iPhone 13. This isn’t a huge deal yet, just like it wasn’t a huge deal when the iPhone 12 came out as the first iPhone with 5G, but I’m not buying a phone for right now, I’m buying a phone for probably the next two years, potentially more.
  • very incremental update all around. Camera improvements are nice, but we’ve long since reached the point where iPhone cameras are great enough for everyday picture-taking. ProMotion display also nice, as is extra battery life, but overall, I don’t think there’s anything my current iPhone can’t do that I would pay $1800+ for the privilege of doing with an iPhone 13
  • I want a 16-inch Apple Silicon MacBook Pro this year, and it’s a pretty fair bet to say those are going to be expensive.

I’ll be disappointed to miss out on the flat edge design (especially if they ditch it in next year’s model), but I could definitely see myself sticking with the iPhone 11 Pro for another year, especially now that I can keep it covered under AC+ beyond the original two years.

Guess I have a few days to think about it.

Wish there was a sub-$1k no frills big screen iPhone I could buy for my Mum. I like the dual eSIM on the new iPhones. I’ll probably grab an iPhone 14 next year. Fingers crossed the stupid notch goes.

The watch is nice but I won’t be interested to get my first one for at least 2-3 years.

I do like the look of the new iPad mini, except with Victoria in eternal lockdown I can’t go to a shop to look at it in person. Do I get the iPad mini or the iPad Air?

EDIT: I doubt there will be an iPad Aid refresh this year if it was not part of yesterday’s keynote.

Unless there’s a specific reason you need to buy new, this is exactly what the second hand/refurb market is for. Can easily pick up an iPhone 7 Plus or 8 Plus for a few hundred these days, and both of those will be compatible with iOS 15.


I’m already getting ready to sell multiple organs to afford one :open_mouth:

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I think there’s still chance it gets spec bumped to match the new Mini, but you probably are right!

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True, a spec bump without a formal keynote or even announcement is possible, we’ve seen it before.

There’s almost definetly going to be another event in October or November, and theres suggestion of both an October and November event so we’ll see!

yes, but I doubt Apple would showcase new iPads at more than one event in the same season, but that’s not to say that the iPad Air won’t get a spec bump, but I’d be surprised if it gets mentioned publicly

I’ve upgraded my iPhone every year since the 3G back in 2008. I think this will be the year I finally skip it. Overall the 13 doesn’t have anything compelling over the 12. The one thing that’s putting me off is that’s it’s heavier than the 12 which is already too heavy as it is. Holding the 12 Pro Max gives me tendinitis.

the only thing that has me considering an upgrade from my 12 mini is that if this 13 mini is the last mini I want to have the most recent mini… if that makes sense

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I went from an iPhone 8 Plus to an iPhone XR for $500 early in the year (new in box, with reflect).

In short, you can find them out there for a decent price. iPads, seems like another story…

I’ll be jumping to an iPhone 13 Pro in blue.
Will move from an iPhone 11.

I have a Series 6 watch and it has been fine so i won’t be upgrading it this time around.

Ok ordering on the phone app is earlier.

Got a 13 Pro Max Blue and 13 Pro Gold. Yes!!! Delivery on 27/9.

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No Pro Max on Telstra showing up for anyone else?
edit: Never mind, seems to appear now. It just took a while for that model to come up.

Interestingly, Telstra seemed to ask more questions around the credit check than I recall from previous years. Especially surprising for an upgrade on an existing account.

On iPhone 12 Pro Max, so wont up that, but just love my Watch 6, so will definitely up that, even for the incremental improvement.

Got an iPhone 13 mini (Red) for pickup next Friday. :tada:

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