"Fall 2021" events

Rumours suggest that within 24 hours Apple might announce the iPhone 13 event for September 14. If that doesn’t happen, then the announcement will almost certainly come next week for a September 21 event. Whenever it is, apparently we can expect two and possibly even three separate product launches over the next couple months.

What are you looking forward to?

I don’t really know what other features I need in a smart phone?

More accurately, I don’t know what I’m missing between iPhone 8 and 12. Face recognition is the only thing that really comes to mind, and I’d rather use my unique thumb print for bio security.

If Apple still get sales for their Macs, with updates only offered quite infrequently, do they really need to do the yearly update of iPhones? I presume there’s some fear of a decline in interest if they don’t pull a new rabbit out each year, but - to me it’s pretty moot, except for decreasing prices of older machines.

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I still find my iPhone X rock solid so the only iPhone feature that would make me jump to a new phone is bringing back Touch ID. I read somewhere that it might be coming to the power button. Apple Pay was always easier with a fingerprint, and now with masks it’d be very much welcome.

Also looking forward to seeing what they add to the Apple Watch. I’m still happy with my Series 5, but I won’t hesitate to upgrade if they add some good new metrics to it.

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I am still getting used to FaceID on my 12 Mini. TouchID is much better in Covid times. What chance an iPhone with FaceID and under-screen TouchID?

Blood pressure monitoring on the watch would be good. I would upgrade my Series 4 for that.

My next big upgrade candidate is my trusty 10.5” iPad Pro. I assume the new iPad Pro will arrive in April 22.

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Agreed. I have an XS and am unlikely to upgrade. Given that I could not care less about camera improvements, each new iPhone these days barely excites me from a hardware perspective. I can see myself being interested in a foldable phone in the future, a bigger screen in a smaller package.

I still reminisce about Touch ID and unlocking previous iPhones as I would pull them out of my back pocket. I work in a hospital so I’m wearing a mask more than most people, so I’ve gotten very used to entering my passcode multiple times every day, and I’ve grown rather tiresome of it. I’d love Touch ID to return either on a button on under the screen, that would encourage me to upgrade.

Not interested in purchasing my first Apple Watch, but maybe sometime this decade, who knows.

I am very interested in the rumoured 14" MacBook Pro and somewhat in getting my first ever iPad, either the Mini or the Air. I’m changing employer soon (being forced to, long story) and I can salary package an iPad with my current employer but I won’t be able to next year, so I might as well take advantage of the opportunity. Works out to roughly a 33% discount.

Nothng really. I upgraded to the 12 Mini because of its smaller size, but as far as how I use it, nothing has changed since my iPhone 7. Except the lack of touchID. I use faceID but its a PITA with mask wearing. If the 13 Mini comes wiith touchID somewhere, I’ll probably get it. Otherwise am seriously considering downgrading to the 7.

New iPod Touch.

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With you on that one Steve. Been waiting for an updated option for the kids. Apple doesn’t often update its pricing after release of a product until a new version comes out and the current iteration is not the best value for money.

I definitely don’t need a new phone (using a 12 Pro currently), both Touch ID returning and the Pro Motion (i.e. 120hz display) would be awesome to have. I tend to be the source of upgrades (rather, hand me downs) to my parents and they are both due for upgrades. So if it has any features I want, i’ll probably upgrade in order to help out my folks.

I have a 6th gen 128gb iPod Touch with thousands of songs, audio books, photos, podcasts etc. It’s battery is nearly dead. I’m a birder and have 15 bird field guide apps (these are very big apps generally).

I could buy an iPhone to do all this but a 128gb iPhone costs a fortune so I’m happy with my low capacity original SE (will probably upgrade to the next release SE model). Ideally they will soon release an updated iPod (with a GPS chip for bird mapping in the field). I’d probably buy 2.

I was busy refreshing the hashflag browser overnight waiting for an Apple one to appear. It’s there now.

Time between latest iPod Touch releases:
Gen3 to Gen4 - 1 year
Gen4 to Gen5 - 2 years
Gen5 to Gen6 - 3 years
Gen6 to Gen7 - 4 years
Gen7 to (Gen8) - 2 years so far

You would think that an update could still be 1-2 years away, but this year is the 20th anniversary of the iPod so who knows. The current iPod Touch and the iPhone 7 both have an A10 Fusion chip which will be supported by iOS 15, but I suspect they probably won’t support iOS 16. No iPhone or chip has supported 7 iOS versions.

Unlock your iPhone with Apple Watch when you’re wearing a face mask

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I love the Apple Watch iPhone unlock and vice versa!

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I do not always wear my Apple Watch, but when I do, I have configured the Apple Watch to unlock my iPhone, but find it is not totally reliable.

In addition, it doesn’t help when paying with Apple Pay using the phone. So, I try to remember to use my watch for contactless payments rather than the phone.


Mine’s been solid for unlock. :thinking:

I also basically never pay with phone, as it’s always waaaaaay faster to use watch.

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maybe we should stop making excuses for the big fat ugly notch

If I wore my watch all the time then I don’t think I would have this problem.

Is there a reason you don’t? (genuinely curious) I didn’t wear a watch from 1999 - 2015 other than for 2 months in each of 2007/8 when I was without my phone for the day. But I have worn one every single day since I got my first Apple Watch.

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Good question. I only wear my Apple Watch when I will need to use it. I am a retired engineer & project manager. My reasons for not wearing the watch by default include:

  • I am retired and did so early so I can be more relaxed and enjoy a slower life
  • I now neither need or want to manage notifications on a minute by minute basis.
  • I cycle swim and walk for exercise. I liked using the watch for counting swimming laps, but cannot swim at present because Covid. I cycle a small number of regular routes, so I know the distances. The phone counts my steps when I walk.
  • I like to limit my device time as I find I do not relax completely if I have a device on me.
  • When doing handyman tasks, I want to protect it from harm
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