HomePod Mini

I’m curious about buying a pair of these and I had looked around and not been able to get a clear answer.

Do they stereo pair with an Apple TV HD?

I know they do that with an Apple TV 4K but I have no idea if they work at all or to what extent with just the HD.

I plan on upgrading to the new Apple TV when that eventually comes out so, depending on compatibility I may grab a pair now or just wait until I upgrade Apple TV’s

I believe two minis will do stereo but one big paired with one mini will not.

But I’m not 100% sure about that.

I have an Apple TV 4K and am potentially interested in getting two minis.

I know it works with the 4K stereo paired, so you’re covered there. But the big question mark for me is the Apple TV HD specifically. They mention the 4K but they don’t specify if it’s only the 4K or if it’s both.

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Sorry, didn’t read your post properly. I’ll do some research tomorrow.

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Apparently it does… Although does that mean you have to turn it on every time?

At $300 for a sound bar replacement, price isn’t too bad as long as you play everything through the ATV, which I do in the bedroom and a nicer sound than the TV produces would be… well nice.


Let us know if it really works.

I saw Officeworks just got more in stock so placed an order. Love my full size one, and planning to use this small one in my home office.

The only problem with using HomePods as a home theatre surround sound replacement is that you have to use it through an appletv - they don’t allow TVs to directly connect to them via bluetooth. Which is annoying as with smart TVs nowadays you don’t need to go through the appletv. That’s the only thing stopping me at the moment.

I run everything through my Apple TV 4k, including all free-to-air tv channels. My tv reception used to work and then it didn’t and I never got around to having someone fix it.

I’m the opposite - my AppleTV 4K at the moment is a glorified bluetooth extender for my Eve watering system. I only connect it up if the kids want to pay video game apps on it.

How do you do that? Do they now offer a stream of the live local station through the apps? Or something special??

(I very very rarely ever watch FTA TV so haven’t looked in the apps to see what they do now but still maintain a TV antenna into the lounge room TV in case I need it… usually only for NYE fireworks :stuck_out_tongue: )

So there’s been an interesting development.

My conundrum was whether I should buy them now, depending on if they worked for the Apple TV HD. Otherwise I’d wait until I get the new apple TV whenever that’s announced.

However, I just noticed that the Telstra Plus store now offers the HomePod Mini for 53k points. So I just ordered two, without spending a cent.

That pretty much made my choice for me :slight_smile:

I’m still curious to see what the compatibility will be like for me, but now I’ll find it out and update here

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The other option was to order them from Apple, seeing as purchases made between now and Christmas can be returned by 8 Jan 2021.

True but this way I don’t pay a cent. I just use my Telstra points which I didn’t even know what to spend those on in the first place anyway and was thinking of just buying a spare pair of Airpod’s.

Plus, I was going to buy a pair when the new Apple TV comes out anyway. So either way I wanted them at some point

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The free-to-air apps on Apple TV have had live streaming for a long time, although SBS just came on board a few months ago.
ABC iView - ABC News, ABC Kids, ABC ME, ABC Comedy, ABC TV from every state and territroy
SBS On Demand - SBS, Viceland, NITV, World Movies, SBS Food
etc etc

I have Telstra points that I’ve never used. I think next year I’ll find something to buy. I’m also thinking of getting the next Apple TV.


The points expire eventually I just can’t remember when, and I had enough with change to spare to get the AirPod Mini’s, so I figured it was a sign

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How does one go about obtaining such things? I’ve been a Telstra customer for decades and have never heard of this.

IIRC any Telstra customer can sign up for Telstra Plus. It’s free but it’s not automatic, that is, Telstra won’t add you to Telstra Plus, you have to do it yourself.


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Hey look… Telstra points! I’ve only got 22,000… but I supposed eventually that might be worth something.

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I just used most of my Telstra points to redeem a HomePod Mini. Pretty happy with that, nothing else before was of much interest to me.