Loyalty cards in Apple Wallet

Stocard on the 6S is great because you can 3D touch the icon to get to your cards. Probably easier than fiddling around with widgets or even the Watch.

Much easier than fiddling with the watch, but to be honest, for those of us who dont have apple pay, the actual flybuys card is even more convenient. I use the phone, mostly, but am considering uninstalling and reverting to card.

Yes… if you’re using Apple Pay then it’s not hard to use the Stocard 3D Touch but if you don’t have Apple Pay then it’s almost not worth bothering as you have your wallet out anyway mostly.

Of course this leads to a whole other discussion about the worth of Flybuys to the customer, and I should probably start another thread, but Essentially they are getting far more out of if than you are pretty much. I try and make it work for me, but Flybuys does annoy me. Having to “activate” offers for extra points and stuff is just jumping through their hoops. The regular offers where you have to spend a certain amount each week to get bonus points or an amount to spend after say four weeks are great but they don’t suit the way we shop in our house (eg spend $80 in a single shop each week for four weeks to get a $50 credit). We rarely, if ever, spend $80 all at once, simply because we don’t drive and so we can only carry so much stuff home at a time. We also rarely need that much stuff at once. So mostly those offers go unused. The couple of times we have done it, we had to end up stocking up on stuff like rice and washing power and long life milk and then didn’t need to do a large shop for months :slight_smile:


Agreed. IN fact I have begun shopping at Aldi since a new store opened up half a Km up the road from Coles. I dont like that Coles seems to be hell bent on replacing all the brand stuff with Coles brand and it still costs too much. I used to build up heaps of points in a short time but now, its all about the insurance, and my telstra prepaid vouchers. My grocery shopping at coles has now been reduced to buying cream for my coffee. I dont buy petrol from Shell, I refuse to switch my electricity to AGL (or to make my AGL account flybuys connected).

Stocard also has my NRMA, Petstock, chemmart, Library and State Library cards in it. As well as Woolworths easy whatever that I never use… its a good app for what it is, just that I am finding fewer and fewer reasons to use it.

Do you realise this is exactly ALDI’s business model, just they started here after it happened in Europe? Same with Tesco. In Europe, ‘store’ brands are actually seen as the premium product! :open_mouth:

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Yes, I do. There are a few non Aldi brands but at least Aldi has a different naming convention. I buy Aldi Cat food because my new (ish) cat doesnt like what comes via coles. He just LOVES the aldi brand (the more expensive one called “Cachet by Silvesters”- havent tried him on the cheaper one). I’ve also bought the aldi brand (Dentatix) toothpaste because it works better than my usual Colgate. But I prefer the exy Colgate Sensitive stuff. I need to say that the dead cheap “premium” catfood from Aldi, which is anything up to 25c per, cheaper than Fancy Feast, Dine, and the rest, is a MUCH higher quality than those. It does worry me to see tiny prawns in amongst it though, they must be coming from Asia or somewhere where theres no restrictions like there is here.

I blasted Woolworths for the exact same issues. All of their bonus points deals seem to be based around family (as in your generic 2 adults + 2 kids setup) shopping habits. We’re a couple without kids; we’re not spending $100/week on groceries for a month just to get some extra points. I guess offering unattainable rewards suits their business model of being monopolistic arseholes.

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I work in a fairly new Woolies; the manned checkouts all have the side-facing scanner for customers to scan their phones/cards with. It’s very sensitive (much more than the staff-facing scanners), and makes a distinct, loud beep. It’s so that we don’t need to handle the customer’s phone/card, and that we can continue working (gotta keep that scan rate up!) whilst you scan at your own pace.

Customers love it, apparently (along with the bag carousel).

I migrated to Stocard a little while ago now and it’s been mostly good. My biggest issue is the time it takes to open and I think that’s more down to my ageing iPhone 6 Plus (which would probably be half fixed by a full reset).

What was pointed out to me today by the brother in law is that you can share cards from Stocard into wallet meaning you can bring them up on the phone with a double tap! Awesome…

Go into stocard, open a card and hit share. Select share with Apple Wallet.

… except it only seems to work with the Supercheap Auto card?? (which is the only card he has :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Did anyone else know about this? Or know why only some (one of mine) seems to be able to work with Apple Wallet? Is there some setting that would let this work?

I also use Stocard, and the ‘Share’ with Apple Wallet option works with most of my cards (Flybys, CineBuzz, Dymocks, Muffin Break etc). The only card it does not work with is Chemist Warehouse.

I also activate the Stocard widget and access the card that way. It’s much quicker and easier.

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I might have to try that too. Interesting that my Flybuys doesn’t have that share button… It’s actually the Woolworths and Flybuys cards that I want since I use them most often. The others I open so infrequently that it’s not too much of a hassle.

Here’s why: Can I add my cards in Stocard to Apple Wallet? – User Support

Also, you can search for cards within Stocard from Spotlight. That’s how I used to get to most of them.

Of mine, only NRMA works. Seems a bit pointless.

I miss my Samsung Pay. 1 App stores ANY loyalty card and credit cards. You can take picture of the front of card. Easier to bring up the card and rely on no other apps whatever to add card. I’d like Apple Wallet to enable the same. A bit reluctant to use third party apps when coming to loyalty cards etc that track consumption patterns.

Since this has been bumped I’ll update my situation.

The new iPhone 8 Plus is ALOT faster, bring up cards with Stocard is now very quick, especially when they show up as a widget.

But, and more excitingly, the Woolworths card now specifically has it’s own Apple Wallet/Pay integration. The eftpos terminal now reads your phone/watch … So tap tap on the watch and then tap it on the reader. I love it!

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Havent tried that yet. I dont shop woolies often because its a couple of suburbs away, but now, I must, just because :slight_smile:

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Works great and the barcodes scan easily under a supermarket scanner. It even allows you to store front and back photos of other, obscure, loyalty cards that have only an ID number and no barcode. The app is locked via your thumbprint using the home button - for those with one of those phones. I presume the X would unlock it with faceID(?).

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I wish Flybuys would do the same thing Woollies has done. Flybuys suddenly looking incredibly antiquated.


I wish many things would go down this path. How good would it be if your Myki/Opal (or whatever the other state have) worked for public transport?

What about my work ID card that opens the doors? Although I understand this is probably more contentious option because of security. (I do know you can get bluetooth proximity locks for your own front door but so many of the reviews list issues with these).

Keyless entry/starting of your car?

I’m sure there are many more.

Take a look at this to tie you over in the meantime. https://tapdownunder.com.au/flybuys/

Completely unnecessary the New South Wales government is in the process of trialling the use of contactless payments in place of a Opal Card.

This is happening all over the world at the moment. Phasing one use systems for transport out with contactless payment systems.

So in selected roots it will work with your Apple Pay Already. Support Visa, MasterCard and American Express. But there is currently no support for contactless eftpos.

Apparently the trial will be expanding through out the year to more roots. I think we’re going to see more and more of this happening.

Several car companies already have apps for that.