Updating to iOS15?

Interesting change in how updates are offered. Seems that Apple is letting us remain on iOS14 but allowing an update to iOS15 if we want to. Of course Watch is also due for update bu only after iPhone is done.

Think I might sit on 14 for a while, until it becomes imperative to update.

Whats everyone else doing?

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I upgraded all my devices on day one. I just really wanted the shared with you feature, and I have found it quite handy.

I’m making use of hide my email and private relay too in the hopes of a little more privacy.

No negative performance issues on my ageing iPhone X and OG 9.7” iPad Pro which is what I most worry about when new updates come out.

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Not in any rush here (iPhone 12, Xr and iPad 2020).

I upgraded my iPhone, iPad and watch as the reports during the beta period were really good.

I was particularly keen to play with the new iPad multitasking. It is a big improvement.

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I updated cause I have no self control. Battery life and performance have taken a hit. If I wasn’t such a stickler for new features I’d definitely be staying on 14. Am keeping clients & family on 14.

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What device ‘took the performance hit’ Oldmacs?

Trying to work out if I should or I should not upgrade (which might not be the same answer for all 3 of my i devices given that they’ve all got different series A processors)…

My 12 Mini has a slight performance hit - I suspect that might just be general bugginess of a x.0 release and the battery has definetly taken hit.

My iPad Pro 10.5 has also taken a hit… Noticeable lag and stutter, which is a shame.

However the iPad Pro I don’t think I’ve done a clean install on for a long time. I also ran all the iPadOS 15 betas on it so it might need a fresh install. It’s possible that it’s been through the iPadOS 13 and 14 betas as well without a clean install.

My SE 1 is definetly slower as well. Think it also needs a clean install. It seemed to be ok last week but today its been annoyingly laggy!

Unless you really want the features I’d say hold off!

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I don’t really need the features so I will.

I suspect I’d get away with the iPhone 12 but the Xr and the base model iPad 2020 would suffer more and I’d rather keep them all on the same version to avoid confusion if possible.

I think 15.1 or 15.2 should be a lot better!

But yeah, given 14 is getting security updates, I think its a sweet spot :slight_smile:

I understand that a lot of background activity can happen for a few hours or even days after upgrading. This degrades performance and drains the battery, so wait a day or two before deciding on the long term impact

This is true, especially Photos as indexing and analysis takes place on-device.

It’s been nearly a week though surely it should be done by now!

If it persists, it would be worth doing the old encrypted backup to computer, wipe, set up as new, use for a day or so, see if better - restore, see if back to old habits dance - I didn’t notice any performance difference on my iPhone 12 Mini after upgrading, but my anecdata is useless to you

I would have thought so.

I’d recommend waiting for 15.1. (I didn’t)


At the rate of bugs that are being discovered in iOS 15, I’d suggest waiting till 15.2!


Yeah if things don’t improve I’ll go down that route.

I haven’t set up my iPhone as new without a backup since my 3GS with iOS 6 in 2012, and I have a feeling I may have restored it from the backup of my iPod touch 4, which would date to September 2010 with iOS 4!

I upgraded iphone, ipad, and Watch, no issues so far.

Have updated all devices recently.
My iPad Pro (11" M1), iPhone 13 Pro Max, and Watch 3. Phone and iPad are fine as expected.
Watch was already running like crap, and not much has changed. It hasn’t got any worse.

Also have updated an iPhone 12 Pro I gave to my Dad and my wifes iPhone 8 Plus. They haven’t shown any signs of slowdowns or performance issues.

Haven’t updated my daughters iPhone 6s yet. Simply because I haven’t got around to it yet. But will see how that goes once updated.

So far, no bugs to report.

15 was buggy - on phone, it broke the apple watch facemask unlock, on the iPad, there was a folder badge count bug - 15.01 was just released and fixed both bugs for me.