The new Apple TV


I run PMS on my N40L server which is not particularly high powered and use subtitles 100% of the time. I haven’t seen it transcode yet.


Plex is definitely transcoding (you just may not have seen it buffering). What quality are your streams? Are they 1080p or 720p?

In order for Plex to send subtitles, it does not send it as a separate stream, but ‘bakes’ the subtitles into your stream live by transcoding. It is just the way Plex has opted to do subtitles.

This is the information from Plex about subtitles and transcoding ‘Transcoding video (including burning in subtitles) requires high to extreme CPU usage.’

I find that 720p with subtitles are not a problem. It is only when I try to transcode 1080p with subtitles do I get buffering. My Synology NAS is a DS1513+ (so no a low powered one), but processing a 1080p with subtitles is enough to push the processor to 100%.


Load on the server doesn’t budge that I can see. These are 720p mkv. Before the Xbox got direct play, I couldn’t even play an mkv without subtitles without constant buffering, but now they play without a hitch on ATV and Xbox.

Will test again tonight.


Just re-tested my setup, and it definitely still buffers.

If I play a 1080p film (m4v format) there is only minimal CPU usage. If I turn on subtitles (tx3g) there is a slight increase in CPU usage. However if I use an .srt subtitle file my CPU goes to almost 100% on the NAS.

If I use my iMac as a transcoder, there are no issues.

In my setup, if I am going to watch a 1080p film with subtitles, I tend to use my iMac Plex Server. The only problem is my iMac needs to be running. This is usually not an issue, however my iMac sometimes goes to sleep midstream despite the settings to keep the iMac awake if there is network activity (this was changed in Mavericks as part of the energy saving changes) which means the steam dies as well.

I was thinking the Mac Mini would be always on and would be a good Plex Server for the ATV and other Plex clients.

Sorry if I have de-railed this thread on the ATV. It’s really more a Plex topic than an ATV one.


I started with the Mac Mini as a server but after buying a ReadyNAS Pro for extra storage I’ve been using that as the server for the past 5 years and streams to the Mac Mini, PS3 and ATV2 flawlessly. Only time I’ve seen a little buffering was through the PS3 which is a fair distance away. Have been waiting for this ATV update because the ATV3 seemed pointless for my setup.


No, I stand corrected - it’s definitely transcoding. The transcoder must have become a lot more efficient because it’s not giving my little server any trouble at all. Load seems to be fluctuating wildly though, 0.8 one minute and 5.00 the next.


Guitar Hero came out overnight. I know a lot of people have been waiting for it. I’m not one of them.


is guitar hero still a thing?


Thanks for that. I have to think if I want to upgrade my server to one which can handle transcodes (for 1080p or HD) or to get a Mac Mini and use it as a server. There are pro’s and cons to both options. Things to think about.




Has anyone noticed if Myer, Target or Officeworks sell the new Apple TV models? They only mention the old model on their on-line catalogues. I have a couple of Coles-Myer vouchers I’d use for this if they were selling them.



I had JB offer me a free AppleTV if I bought AppleCare on a machine this week. I said “the new one?” and the salesperson quickly said “no”… haha.


I haven’t seen anyone except Apple themselves selling the new one yet.


Hahaha. Trying to clear out old stock I’d imagine. I saw the same promotion but didn’t bother asking.


I was all set to get one, but realised there really isn’t anything useful this can do over my current ATV.




@Woofy … Yes, and no. At the moment theres not much of an advantage over the ATV3 except for Plex (I cannot seem to get Plexconnect or OpenPlex working again so that is not happpening on my ATV3). IN the future, I’m hoping that all of catchup TV will be available to the ATV4, not just Tenplay which is already there. In fact, right at the moment, my Samsung BR player smarthub is the best option for most of the things I use my ATV for. Netflix, Stan, iView, SBS on Demand. And theres also Tenplay and 7Plus as well. No sign of 9 for anything much and its pretty crappy anyway on the iPad so no great loss.

Some of the games look interesting as well, but I’d need a controller. I absolutely HATE the new ATV remote. I dont use Siri, and other than that there are few advantages over the old style, so thats what I am using, instead.


Beat Sports is awesome, but I can’t get my Alto’s Adventure progress to sync across. Anyone else have any issues? Running latest version on all platforms.


We have an ATV2, used to have the first gen which was used to keep all music on. I have plex on our tv and native support for most files already on our Samsung tv already including other apps like foxtel go. Thinking about it I turned off the plea server on our Synology a year back. Having TiVo like abilities I guess was our wish for the next ATV and without the killer app I’m not seeing a reason when I sit back to own one unless you had a really limited tv. A $100 bluray player could really do the same thing at the moment, minus the music side which is what we originally got ours for years ago.


My ATV 4 appears to have died - won’t power on. Need to find the time to properly diagnose whether it’s the power outlet, cord or the unit itself.