The new Apple TV


Yup. I don’t want to end up staying up late playing games in bed though. If the controllers not there neither is the temptation.

I bought one, but I MAY return it. It’ll also be handy to have a second controller for gaming with friends.


I don’t understand why you’d do this? Why use your data allowance for something you can get for free via your TV… colour me puzzled.


I haven’t had access to FTA for free in over 10 years. I don’t have an aerial and rabbit ears don’t work at my place, so I’ve been paying $10 a month for a Foxtel box just to access it. Once they’re all live streaming I can send the box back.

Data allowance isn’t an issue in my household. Telstra increased my cap from 200GB to 500GB for free and it’s a gut bucket load more than I could ever use.

Other people just find it inconvenient to have to change the settings on their TV and Amplifier when switching between ATV and FTA. That’s only become an issue for me now that I use HDMI CEC with the ATV. Switching to Foxtel screws it up.

If you ask someone else that’s using it I’m sure they’ll have different reasons. Maybe they’re expats and love being able to get Australian FTA again, maybe they just like their entire TV experience in one place, maybe they have 3 TVs but only one antenna socket…heaps of reasons.


I’m assuming that having an aerial wouldnt help. Where are you?


I have unlimited 100 mbs cable with Optus and would love to be able to stream ABC22 for the kids. Or any other FTA channel.


Agree, for me having the convenience of not having to "switch out " to my TV is paramount.

If I can load everything onto the ATV4 and streaming everything possible, it means never having to touch the TV remote again.

And I’m with TPG so pay a measly $59 a month for unlimited ADSL2+ (so what do I care about streaming volume??) :slight_smile:


I’m in Brisbane, but I don’t have an aerial because when I bought my house it never had one, and when I paid a small fortune for a new colourbond roof it came with a lifetime warranty so long as I didn’t compromise it or the guttering they installed. So, no aerial for me!


At the risk of encouraging more thread drift, you can get around this by installing an external aerial to an external wall with a longer stand- we’ve done this before to avoid affecting the integrity of the roof.


Oh, I did not know that. I’d have probably acted on that had it not been for all the FTA channel bar 10 announcing they’ll be streaming over the net in 2016. I will remember that though, so thanks for letting me know that solution exists.


OUCH. That isnt nice. I don’t have an external antenna, when I bought the house the previous owner took it with him. Bummer. Rabbit ears have to do me and on some nights, its not really worth the hassle. But, between iView and SBS on demand, then Netflix and/or Stan, I’m not minding. I think I have watched commercial tv three times or less since March, ABC a bit more often.

Anyway, Netflix, Stan + Plex and I’m happy. Glad you have a compromise for your FTA.


Similar problem here, we have an aerial, there’s just no socket in the bedrooms (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing).

Outside of ABC and SBS I haven’t found anything on FTA TV worth watching in years. I’ll be happy enough streaming, but I think my housemate will find the transition from flicking through channels to launching streaming apps a little hard to cope with.


I’m in the same boat with the aerial. When the previous owners of my house had Foxtel installed, Foxtel removed the aerial connection in the main lounge (apparently it was quite common, and I was warned by others that when getting Foxtel you have to tell the installers not to remove the aerial). As a result, in my lounge room (where I do 90% of my TV viewing), there is no aerial so I have to rely on Foxtel to give me my free to air stations.

I looked into getting the connection from my lounge to my aerial reconnected, but the TV aerial installers have said it is too hard (double storey house) as it would involved them having to rip up walls to get to the connection.


This is awesome - will be great once the other channels are accessible like this too so everything is in the one place!


so just as a passing observation, what was (still is?) a hobby project for apple is with the introduction of netfix etc. becoming a serious product? if i’m not mistaken this is the most popular thread on this forum.


It’s hard to say. At this point though it still feels like a bit of a hobby to me.


To me it feels like a platform ready to take off - but hamstrung by no Spotify for Video equivalent. I just don’t want to maintain 10 different apps for different content providers! I want one app for movies & TV like I have one for music.


I wish I had the skills, but it’d be great if someone wrote a “freeview” app where we could click the one home screen icon and it’d open with logos for all the FTA live feeds, much like Auntie Player does with the BBC channels.

On another note, for anybody wanting to catch most of the latest releases to the app store this site seems to stay up-to-date better than the others:


Fantastic, thanks mate that’s a great find!


I’ve decided I’m def gonna take the plunge and buy one. Just got to sell my Mac mini first… :smile:


Great find Steeley!

Would also be handy to find one with some user curation.